Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills


    Karuna longs to be reincarnated in a different world. After his death in a traffic accident, a goddess in charge of reincarnation has appeared before him.

    「Nice to meet you, Karuna-san. I’m goddess Ashia desu」

    Different world reincarnation has come~!! Karuna dances in joy. I have received a cheat skill and I will now finally reincarnate in the different world I have always dreamed about――
    「You are Karuna, huh? I’m goddess Islina」

    ――Is what should have happened, but another goddess has appeared!?
    Karuna received a cheat skill from her with his head tilted to the side, and this time, he will finally――

    「I’m goddess Vermis desu wa」

    ――Wha, another goddess has……!

    「Haa, haa…… a, another one……!?」

    In the end, Karuna met a total of 100 goddesses.
    But, thanks to that, he has obtained 100 cheat skills.

    「With these 100 cheat skills――I will fully enjoy this different world!」




    Original Title: 転生担当女神が100人いたのでチートスキル100個貰えた
    Author: 九頭七尾
    Translator: Shinsori
    Translation Status: DROPPED
    RAWS: Syosetu
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Cheat, Comedy

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