Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 7

Let's make friends with Father.


Now then, since I have woken up naturally, I decided to get up. A small hand entered my view. The shrunken field of vision still feels uncomfortable, but I will get used to it before long.

Martha came in after knocking.

「Good morning, Ojousama」

Martha’s bow is beautiful today as well. I feel like Martha smiled at me a little when I tried to imitate her bow.

「You are doing well. Sire will be leaving soon, so let’s quickly change the clothes and wait at the foyer」

Martha briskly changed my clothes, swiftly gathered me up in her arms and moved to the foyer.

「Please excuse my rudeness, Ojousama. It seems that Sire is leaving earlier than usual today」

「No, dank you Maltha」

I was shocked by Martha who moved so quickly with me in her arms without making any sound of footsteps.

You are seriously fast, Martha.

Who are you, Martha? I won’t be inquiring though.

After a little while, Father appeared.

Just like Elder brother, Father has blue-silver hair and green eyes. He’s a man with a taciturn/expressionless face as default. Our Father is a tall person. He’s about 190cm no doubt. It feels like I’m being looked down at very much.

To be frank, he’s super scary.

His glabella is wrinkling to the degree it seems uncomfortable.


Conclusion! Father is scaryy!!


However, it’s not like I can withdraw here. I have to get along with Father!

「… Why are you awake, Rosalia?」

Ohh, he spoke. When did I hear his voice last? It’s so deep and sexy… whoops, it’s not the time to be escaping the reality. The opponent is going to work. Let’s keep it brief.

「I came tho say safe twip to Otoutama」


Father has stopped working.

He’s not blinking at all.

He’s not breathing either.

When I gazed at Martha with teary eyes to seek help, Martha and my Father’s foster brother and chamberlain Arc who appeared before Father who knows when nodded and said,

「「He’s fine」」

In unison. He might seem all right for the two who are acquaintances with Father longer than me, but isn’t not breathing bad, I wonder?

「… Puhaa! Haah, haah」

Ah, Father revived! He fell to the floor in what seemed to be an extreme pain! I ran over in panic and patted his back. I earnestly patted his back. How did it turn out like this?

「… Why?」

Father whose breathing finally recovered asked me. I wonder why he is asking me as if I was planning something.

「Toutama ish always busy at wolk and I could not see you, so I came hee」


Father held down his face and trembled excessively. Unable to overlook it, Martha explained Father’s eccentric conduct.

「Ojousama, Sire is deeply moved. It’s amusing and his irritation from work has been a nuisance lately, so… please do more」

Oy. Martha, your true feelings are leaking a little bit too much! Ugh… I’m sorry about Father. However, is he delighted?

Thank you for being easy, Father!

Your easiness doesn’t lose to Elder brother!!

Genes? Is it in the genes? However, if we go by that theory, then I am easy too? … Shedding a tear while looking up in the sky in my mind, I spoke to Father.

「Toutama, have a safe twip」

In addition, I gave him a peck on the cheek. Father turned red up to his ears and somehow managed to crawl up into the carriage. Is he really all… right? Arc-san, I leave the rest to you!

I waved my hand at the leaving carriage.

「Ojousama, good job. With this, Sire’s happy mood will last at least for a day」

Martha said while giving me a thumbs up.

Father, how much troubles have you caused to Martha? I feared to ask.


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