Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 12

It was no Good


In the end, even the professional doctors weren’t able to make Fatitoll.
They tried making it with the materials I supplied, but they couldn’t continue without Green’s magical power.

「How could this be……」
《That’s what I told you. Ahh, you’ve wasted Spirit grass Ria has brought up~》

The liquid from the medicinal plants the doctors have boiled turned pitch black for some reason.
Even though there’s no way it got burned because the fire was too strong, how mysterious.
I’m told that the Spirit grass didn’t receive a sufficient amount of magical power, turned black and the medicine went bad.
It seems that the doctors didn’t know as well as they are opening their eyes in shock.

「Hugh, you are so knowledgeable! Amazing, amazing!」
《Eh, amazing?》

When I praised him with all my might, Hughley got bashful~
He’s currently in his little form, so he’s extremely adorable!
I ended up unconsciously tightly hugging him~
When I hugged Hughley close to me, he also snuggled up to me!
Seriously, so cute~

Oops, Father wants to participate here as well.
He lifted me who was hugging Hughley up and placed me on top of his lap.
He is hugging me from behind~

「It’s unfair to only do that with Hughley-dono, Ria. Tousama too~」

Father rubs his cheeks against mine.
Father is cute too, oy……
Is this still the father of four?
But, he’s cute so I will allow it!
Well then, well then, let’s live up to his expectations!


Hugging Hughley with one hand, I cling to Father’s neck with the other.
Ohh, Father’s face loosened.
Dere, he’s dere.
Un, the doctors are dumbfounded by Father’s dere mode.

「The Prime Minister-sama of Ice is……」

…… Prime Minister of Ice?
Ah, is that Father’s nickname?
Indeed, Father certainly has an extremely scary reputation while he’s working.
As I have not seen such Father before, I don’t understand quite well, but they say that he looks at people who present faulty documents with a cruel gaze full of bloodthirst and stuff like that……
I feel like wanting to see it, but he wouldn’t do that when he’s around me~
It’s a bit unfortunate……
Should I take a look in secret next time?
I won’t get discovered if Miria cooperates with me, won’t I?
I mean, can’t light be bent to disappear or something like that?
Ah but, won’t my presence expose me?
Alright, let’s look for a method to erase my presence then!
Rather, didn’t our business here already finish?
I have also taught them how to make the medicine, they also tried making it~

「Otousama~ Can we go back already?」

You see, it’s about time to water the greenhouse.

「N? That’s so. Chief, we will excuse ourselves」
「Ah, Prime Minister-sama, wait a moment please!」

Ehh~ is there still something~
What…… you want the medicine?
Because of Chief-san’s request, we have decided that he has to order from me when he wants it.
Un, it means that my source of funds has increased!
Moreover, I quickly sold about three.
At a considerably high price at that.
I thought of giving it free of charge of it’s just two or three, but both Father and Chief-san wouldn’t have it.
It might have been good just this time, but because there might be regular purchases, I should apparently set a proper price and sign a contract.
I’ve generally left the contract to Father though.
I’m told that the medicine that the royalty might be using in the future must have accurately stated origins, so that’s apparently also the reason.
Things like purchase records and acquisition route.
Well, this time’s purpose was research so it’s irrelevant, but just in case.

Ah, by the way, because the Fatitoll medicine is a magic potion, it’s apparently unlikely that it would drop in quality over time.
That’s why I kept Father’s medicine properly with Aster.
「Eat properly, sleep tight, use it only if you still feel tired after that」I made a promise with him.
Of course, I have strictly ordered Aster to drink it together with Father.
It was like this today too, but Father being exhausted means that Aster is exhausted as well.
If I told him casually, Aster would refrain from drinking it, right?
I’ve told about this to Father too, so he won’t be able to deceive me by saying this like「I also drank it」.

Then, let’s go home and water the medicinal plants!


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