Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 13

Getting Along


――Knock, knock

「Ria, I’m entering~」
「Fried Niisama!」

Today, I was reading in my room.
The eldest son, Wilfreed came over.

「Welcome home!」
「I’m home, Ria. Were you a good girl?」

When elder brother sat down on the sofa and I sat next to him,「Good girl, good girl」he patted my head.
Being gently patted like this feels pretty comfortable, so I like it.
Do it more~ I snuggled up to my elder brother.

「Ria is a spoiled child, aren’t you?」
「Un! Niisama, more~」

Presently, elder brother Fried who is already twelve years old already passed the elementary division, so our time together has noticeably decreased.

「Fred and Bard will return very soon」

The second son Wilfred who will turn eleven and the third son Wilbard who will turn ten each have their own tutors, so just like the eldest brother, they have been busy recently.
Were they training sword today?
Recently, I have been growing medicinal plants with Hughley, making medicine, Miria has recently started making sweets, so I’m helping her out, so I’m not that free, but as expected, I feel lonely without being in the care of my elder brothers.
However, all three brothers are apparently going to be present today.

――Knock, knock

「「Ria, we are coming in~」」

Speak of the devil!
Elder brother Fred and Elder brother Bard entered my room.

「Ah, Fried Niisan!」
「Fried Nii, that’s unfair! To monopolize Ria beforehand~!」

When Elder brother Fred and Elder brother Bard half run over to me, Elder brother Fred sat opposite to Elder brother Fried.
Elder brother Bard sat in front of me.
And then he tightly hugged me.


The three who resemble Father who is a hunk are naturally hunks themselves.
Recently, their childishness was fading and they are becoming more manly.
A collaboration of patting and hugging from those three!
I wonder what is this reward for~!


Furthermore, kisses on my cheeks and forehead.
How much do you plan on agonizing meーーーー!!?

「Right! Ria, I got cookies so I brought them. Here, ahh~」

Elder brother took out something wrapped in a cloth, he picked up a cookie from there and brought it in front of my face.
Of course, I reflexively opened my mouth!

「Me too, me too! Ria, ahh~」

It was Elder brother Bard this time.
Continuing after them, Elder brother Fred did「Ahh~」too, but……
My mouth is stuffed, so wait a moment please!
I seized the cookie from Elder brother Fred’s hand and brought it to his mouth instead.

「Fred Niisama, ahh~」
「Ria, do it for me too」
「Fred Nii, that’s not fair!」
「Alright. Here, ahh~」

When Elder brother Fred happily eats the cookie, Elder brothers Fried and Bard demanded I do it for them too.
That being the case, I fed a cookie to Elder brothers Fried and Bard as well.

「Fufu, it tasted really delicious because Ria fed it to me」
「Isn’t that so?」
「Un, un」

Elder brothers of mine, these cookies are delicious to begin with.
I’m not a flavoring to make food taste good!

After that, the sweet time with the three elder brothers continued for a while.


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