Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 17

It's a Woman's Courage


《Ria, jump down! Face behind and jump!》

That was Hughley’s voice.
Eh, did he just say to jump from here?
I didn’t mishear, right?
This is the second floor though……
However, it’s Hughley who told me to jump, so it will surely be alright.
Aight, woman’s courage!


I kick the wall with all my might and jump behind.
Gakun my body was falling, but the sensation of falling lasted only for a moment.
I was immediately wrapped in something soft and warm and my body slowly descended.


It’s Hughley!
Before I noticed, I landed in the arms of Hughley who made his body big.
It appears I safely came down.
I’m glad~
Feeling relieved, I leaned against Hughley.
Then, I heard laughter coming from nearby.

《Hahaha~ What is with this child! She jumped! She jumped without hesitation!》

This person is a spirit, isn’t he?
A green-haired and green-eyed junior high school boy was floating in the air and laughing.
His hair and eyes are of a lighter green color than Hughley’s.
Is he not a Green Spirit-san, but perhaps a Wind Spirit-san?

《Say, you. Why did you jump?》

The Wind Spirit-san (Temporary) talked to me.
Eh, the reason I jumped?
Isn’t that given?

「Because Hugh told me to jump」
《That’s me》
《Eh, then you jumped off because Green told you to? Seriously? You jumped just because of that!?》
「Hugh won’t make Ria do anything dangerous. If he told me to jump off from there, he would definitely save me after thatmon

Hughley is regularly the person (spirit) at my side to stop me.
It’s dangerous so don’t touch it, you can’t go there, and stuff like that.
If Hughley who judges trivial things as dangerous told me to jump, it meant that there was no danger.

《…… You trust him quite a lot, don’t you? Are you aware that there are many moody spirits?》
「Is that so?」
《Yeah. What would you do if I changed my mind and didn’t help?》

Ah, was it the power of this Wind Spirit-san that made me slowly descend after falling down?
That’s serious, I have to give my thanks!

「I’m late, but thank you very much for helping me」
《No, therefore……》
「N? Hugh, this Wind Spirit-san caught me when I was falling, right?」
《That’s right. This guy lent us his power》

Un, I was right.

「Ah, thank you, Hugh, for coming to save me too!」

I haven’t said thanks to Hughley yet.

「Also. I’m sorry for making you worry」

He was definitely worried.
I suddenly disappeared and Hughley who lost the contact with me noticed, didn’t he?

《Un. I’m glad Ria is safe》

Hughley gently smiled and tightly embraced me.
I also tightly embraced him back.

《Wha, what is this……》
《N? She’s obedient and adorable, right?》
《You, your personality has changed!》
《That so?》
《In the first place, what were you planning to do if I didn’t intend to catch her!》
《N? There might have been a small impact, but I planned to wrap Ria in an ivy to catch her?》
《You have schemed something like that! You don’t trust me, don’t you! I take back what I said. Your weirdness didn’t change from the past!》

Is this Wind Spirit-san actually a good friend of Hughley’s?
Somehow, they feel like close friends who care about each other~


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