Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 19

It's Just a Normal Stone, isn't it?


「Say, Otousama~ What is a spirit remover?」
「N? This is the spirit remover, Ria」

Father showed me that a knight was holding a gray stone big enough to fit in his both hands.
Hmmm, this is the spirit remover, huh……
N~…… no matter how I look, this is a normal stone, isn’t it?
Hughley and Miria apparently also see it for the first time as they are staring at the stone with curiosity.

「Hugh, Miria. Are you fine approaching?」
《There’s no problem》
《I’m fine~》

Spirits are approaching even though it’s a spirit remover…… why?

「It’s mostly just a normal stone at the moment because all of its magical power has been drawn out」
「If filled with magical power, spirits won’t be able to approach?」
「That’s right. Also, the effective scope increases and decreases depending on the size of the stone. At this size, spirits won’t be able to get close to the entire plot of this mansion. In addition, its color changes to silver when filled with magical power」

I see.
There were no spirits inside the mansion because this thing was here~
…… Huh?
But, this was used until a while ago, right?
And yet it doesn’t show any effect now?
Did it run out of magical power just at the right moment or something?
No, no, that can’t be the case.
Ah, which reminds me, Father said its magical power was drawn out!

「Otousama, how do you draw out magical power?」

I somehow understand how to pour magical power, but how do you draw out poured magical power?

「Ah that you see, you have to use magic tool to suck it out」

Hee~ such magic tool exists, huh~

「Otousama, Ria also wants that magic tool~」
「I can’t~?」

Because I would be restricted if I encounter the spirit remover again, I would like to have that magic tool at hand.
It also seems to have other uses than just sucking out magical power.

「Of course, you can naturally have it」
「No, no, no, Prime Minister-sama!? This magic tool is few in numbers and it’s also difficult to find them, they are extremely expensive! It’s not something to buy as a gift for a child!?」
「What are you saying! Father should naturally grant his daughter’s cute wish!」

Father immediately OK’d it.
However, Knight-san who was listening stated his opinion in panic.
I see, this is a magic tool that doesn’t appear on market in great numbers.
Besides, it’s a magic tool, so it would cost quite a lot too.

「Then, Ria will pay~」

Father and Knight-san looked at me in surprise.
I don’t know the actual price, but I think I would be able to buy it with my assets.
It’s not good to demand something so expensive from Father.
Um, un, let me pay for it myself!

「Otousama~ Ria can buy it with money, right? Is it not enough?」
「…… You have enough」
「Then, may I ask you to search for one?」
「Eh! Ojousama is going to buy it herself!?」

Knight-san raised his voice in surprise.
Well, there’s no helping it for being surprised.
Kids shouldn’t be handling such large sum of money after all.
Well, Knight-san, don’t mind the small things!


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