Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 20

Giving Thanks is Important


Father decided to take the criminals back to the castle with the Knights.
Normally, he would take me to the castle with him, but I have decided to go home because I’m tired.

《Ah, I will take care of Ria-chan then~》

Miria spread her arms open wide.
As if saying ‘give me please’……
I’m not a thing, but…… oh well.
However, before crossing over to Miria’s arms, my body was lifted from Father’s arms.
From the flow of things, I thought that I was being held by Miria, but Hughley snatched me from the side.
I was in Hughley’s arms.

《Hey~ You can’t be monopolizing Ria-chan~》
《No way》
《Seriously~ what a hopeless child~》

Hughley absolutely didn’t want to hand me over to Miria.
Miria maturely yielded to Hughley.
I’m sorry, Miria.
Want to make sweets together when we return ho…… me……?

「That’s right! Wind Spirit-san, do you like cookies?」
《Kukies~? What’s that?》
「It’s a crunchy and sweet food」

Spirits come when we are making sweets at home, so I think that spirits may unexpectedly like sweets.

That’s why I would like to present cookies to Wind Spirit-san as thanks!

《Me too~》
《Will eat~》
《Gimme please~》
《I want too~》

For some reason, many Low-grade and Medium-grade spirits gathered.
Little girls and boys, small birds, marimo-like children too.
They have various appearances, but they are all wind spirits, aren’t they?

《These fellows told me not to approach this mansion》
「Is that so?」

In that case, these children are my benefactors as well, aren’t they?

「Here you go~」
《《《《《 !!! 》》》》》

I handed out cookies the size of my palm to the little spirits one by one.
These our Miria’s and my latest work, the herbal cookies.
Because they are small children, it’s big enough for them to hold it with both of their hands.
The spirits cheerfully began eating the cookies.

《《《《《 Tasty~ 》》》》》

It appears it suited their tastes.
Well, I thought there were no problems since Miria gave her stamp of approval, but every kind of spirit might have different preferences, right?
But I’m glad it seems okay.
Their cookie nibbling appearances were extremely adorable!
Ah, the High-grade Wind Spirit-san is glancing at me.
He’s interested in the cookie, isn’t he?

「Would you like one?」

I presented a cookie wrapped in a handkerchief to Wind Spirit-san again.

《Fuun. Well, I don’t mind receiving one》

His lines sounded vile, but as I thought, his eyes are darting towards the cookie.
Is this Wind Spirit-san perhaps a tsundere?

「Here, please receive it」

I handed him the cookie while smiling.


When Wind Spirit-san received the cookie, he suddenly disappeared.

《Ah, he ran away》
《He got embarrased~ He’s a shy person after all~》

He became embarrassed and ran away~?
As I thought, that Wind Spirit-san is a tsundere~


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