Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 31

Adult Talk (Gillbert)

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I am called an eccentric spirit among my friends.
It can’t be helped as my affiliation with a country’s Knights Order and living among humans is considered considerably strange among spirits.
But, this and that is all the influence of the past lord whom I have contracted.
My Lord was quite an oddball.
He was a man who loved all the amusing stuff, a man who would put any kind of effort in order to live an interesting life.
Even though he would be recognized by anyone if he put that effort somewhere else.
The reason I committed to the life of a Knight is also because of something he said.
He was not only all-talk, he had the status and ability to put things in practice.
I probably couldn’t take my eyes off of him because he was a man who did everything with all of his power.

After Lord passed away, I continued spending time mixing among the Knights.
At that time, my friend Wind Spirit came over.
I was surprised that someone as free as him would form a contract with a human, but I was surprised even more when he invited me to form a contract with his contractor as well.
First of all, I decided to meet him.
I wanted to meet the human that the unfettered him would contract with after all.

The contractor was a lovely girl called Victoria.
The first impression I had of Victoria――Ria, was that she was an “obedient child.”
She has already contracted three spirits, moreover, all of them are of high-grade.
I didn’t feel any signs of arrogance from her which I find considerably rare.

Normally, humans are obsessed with spirits, but Ria didn’t seem like that at all, on the contrary, the spirits seemed greatly attached to her.

From what I seen, she was an amusing child.
And, I couldn’t take my eyes off of that child.
For that reason, I decided to make my second contract.

「Now then, shall we talk about future for a bit?」

When Ria left the room, I looked at this country’s King, Ria’s father and the Knight Commander.

「Don’t you guys want guards for Ria that everyone would see? Even though the spirits would be by her side, people would misunderstand her for a lone girl」

Even with a plenty of forces, if they can’t be seen, Ria would be deemed defenseless.
She has proper guards, the surroundings must be made aware.
Kyle’s role wasn’t actually to protect Ria, but to keep the surroundings in check by letting them know that the country would dispatch their Knights for her at any time.
Also in case the spirit remover was used, the priority of Ria’s safety would significantly change if she had no people by her side.
It would be troubling if that were to happen that often, but I heard that Ria was indeed abducted like this in the past.
Therefore, they wanted an insurance.

「I don’t know what happened before I came, but from the looks of it, Kyle did something that made Ria or perhaps even the spirits feel displeased, right?」

It appears that I hit the nail on the head as the three gasped for breath and laughed weakly.
Judging from the situation, the Green Spirit――if I’m not mistaken…… he was called Hughley, wasn’t he?
I’m certain his displeasure increased.
Wind Spirit seemed to have formed a contract just a while before I came here, and if I had to say then Light Spirit concentrated her efforts in making Ria feel better.

「However, even if her contracted spirits increased by two, you just can’t afford not to dispatch the country’s guards, right? As much as it’s troublesome, there are things like appearances in the world of humans」
「T, that is……」

If the most important person of Ria’s country doesn’t dispatch guards for her, other people from the same country, as well as people from the foreign countries, would keep bothering her.
However, judging from Hughley’s state, he absolutely won’t allow human guards in the future.

「Therefore, I have a proposal. Do you wish for me to stay affiliated with the Knights Order and stay by Ria’s side? Of course, you will have to keep silent about me being a spirit」

If me being a spirit doesn’t get exposed, it will be possible to dispatch me as a Knight.
If we do that, the country will be able to keep their appearances.
This proposal should be a little bit convenient for them.

「I, is that fine with you?」
「Yes, I don’t mind. It’s a proposal I suggested myself after all」

Well, I won’t be able to deal with the situation in case the spirit remover was used, but it’s not like there aren’t any countermeasures to be taken.
It will work out one way or another.

「It’s decided then」
「We will leave it in your care」

Now then, my business has finished. Let’s promptly return to Ria’s side.

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