Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 5

They Increased


《How unusual. For Green to be in the castle》
《Light, huh. My contractor seems to have summoned me here》
《Contractor!? Green’s!! The misanthropic and eccentric you!?》

An intruder suddenly appeared in the middle of the audience with King.
It’s a beautiful young lady.
Apparently, this young lady is Light Spirit-san.
She’s a jiggle-bounce-jiggle beauty of human size.
By the way Oneesan, you are currently speaking about Hugh, right?
Misanthropic and eccentric?
That can’t be.
Hughley was sociable from the first time I have met him.

《So noisy. Ria is special》
《Ara, ara~ For you to say something like that, that’s even more unusual, isn’t it~》

Hughley and Oneesan are having an exchange as if quarreling.
It’s not like Hughley is taciturn, but it’s unusual for him to talk on and on like this.

「Hugh, you aw somewhat diffelent fwom usual, awen’t you~ Why?」
《Ara? Were you hiding your true self? Now that I mentioned it, your appearances are also different, aren’t they~》

His appearances are also different?
That makes me curious.

「Hugh, lemme see」
「No good~?」

Hughley showed me his original appearances.
His hair and eye are the same dark green color like when he was small.
He’s the normal human size, if I’m pushed to say whether he’s an adult or a child, I would incline towards an adult, but not a fully grown up adult yet.
Like a young man in senior high school.
And more than anything, he’s handsome.
I will say it once again.
Appearances fit to be a model.

「Hugh is so cool~」
《You are not scared?》

There’s nothing to be scared about, right?

《When I appear before humans in this form, they always freeze in shock. It’s like that in my small form too, but they won’t look into my eyes in this form》
「Because Hugh is pwetty and cool, evewyone is just taken aback, you know?」

They would be fascinated by such attractiveness, wouldn’t they?
Also, that thing, right?
They blank out after seeing a spirit?
Un, that’s more than plausible.


Ou, I was suddenly hugged by Hughley.
No, rather than hugged, is carried in arms more suited?
My posture turned into sitting in Hughley’s arms.
And Hughley who is holding me up buried his face into my shoulder.
N~ what happened?

《You are peculiar, aren’t you~ But, that’s nice~ You are awfully cute~♪》

While questioning Hughley’s actions, Oneesan was highly praising me for some reason.
Moreover, it seems she’s pleased with me.
And for some reason, she’s patting my head.
I don’t quite understand……

「Oneeshan is beautiful~」
《Ara, thank you~》

When I praise Oneesan’s appearances in return, she cheerfully smiled.
Oneesan’s charm increases when she smiles, her beauty is increasing more and more!
A little bit dazzling, but how envious~

《Won’t you give me a name?》

This is that, isn’t it?
This Oneesan――Light Spirit-san wants to form a contract with me, right?

「Ntone~ how about Miwia?」
《Cute! I like it. Thank you》

Light Spirit――Miria released a white light towards me.
It was green when Hughley did it, but is the different color related to their attribute?
The Light attribute is white, the Dark attribute is black, the Fire attribute is red, and so on…… it must be like that, surely.


I have safely formed a contract with Miria, but I have forgotten about something really important!

「…… Hugh, I’m sowwy…… Lia selfishly made a contwakt……」

I have not learned about spirit contracts in detail, but is it fine to be making contracts with several spirits?
Because I was requested to form a contract, I have made a contract without thinking!

《Why are you apologizing?》
「I mean, Lia’s Spiwit-shan is Hugh, and yet……」
《Ahh~ Ria doesn’t have to worry about that. I certainly am Ria’s spirit, and I love you to the extent I want to keep you for myself. However, because I’m Ria’s first, I won’t oppose Ria for obtaining more power, you know?》

Is that so?
There’s no problem?

《Because Ria has Light now, you won’t say that you don’t need me anymore, will you?》
「I won’t! Hugh is Lia’s impoltant fwiend!」
《Thank you, Ria》

There’s no way I could say something like that!
Carelessly exchanging friends is no joking matter!

《Besides, well, Light will be useful to Ria》
《It’s Miria. Call me like that, please. The current you wouldn’t like me to call you ‘Green’, right~》
《Right. Sorry about that, Miria. I’m Hughley》
《Yeah. Best regards~ Hughley》

I’m glad that Hughley and Miria seem to be on good terms


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