Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 7

After that


After the audience with the king, many letters of engagement from the nobles arrived.
It’s time of my recording popularity! (Including previous life)
However, all of them were naturally declined.
That’s because I have no plans of deciding my fiancee.
The letters sail on the first rush and don’t come again most likely after considering my standpoint.
The number of letters decreased discernibly.
I don’t know whether they have given up, but it seems they have withdrawn for now.
I was slightly enjoying my period of popularity, so I was slightly saddened when it ended though……
Well, I won’t get charmed by a comrade who is after Father’s status or my spirit contracts!

Now then, I have left the declining of the marriage proposals to Father and decided to raise a cozy flower bed with medicinal herbs in the corner of the garden.
While being taught by Hughley.
Since Hughley is a green spirit, he’s an expert when it comes to plants.
No matter what plant it is, knowing how to raise it is his forte.
Hughley also supplied the seeds and seedlings, so I decided to begin cultivating with no worries.

After a short time, Father learned that I’m raising plants, but he made a greenhouse for me in the garden.
『Let’s make it』it was finished three days after he made such statement.
This isn’t a cozy 4-5 tatami one!
It’s the size of a twenty meters long pool, you know?
To build that in three days!
I reaffirmed the power of the Duke house.
But, since the place is so spacious, I decided to begin cultivating medicinal plants all-out.
Since the usable area became larger, it seems that I will be able to raise several herbs along the medicinal plants, doesn’t it?
What should I plant~

However, unlike the small flowerbed, I’m not able to take care of this vast place all by myself.
My stamina and physical strength are still too low.
Thus, Hughley who is usually in his palm-sized form returns to his original size and helps me out while I’m working in the greenhouse.
We have already found out that Hughley’s original form is of the human-size, so I wonder why he returns to the Medium-grade spirit’s size while at home.
I wonder why?
Well, his small form is cute, so I don’t really mind.

After this and that, once I was raising the plants all-out and after raising the seeds and seedlings Hughley brought, I noticed.
Precious medicinal plants were mixed among the plants, medicinal plants which can’t be cultivated at home were scattered along, even super-high grade herbs……
Father, my brothers, and the gardener Tom-san were extremely surprised when they saw the greenhouse.
Moreover, many medicinal plants were ready for consumption before I noticed.
To be honest, I made too much.

This, can this be sold……?
It has been arranged that the doctors in the castle will buy them after consulting with Father.
Un, I’m glad~

Light Spirit Miria is also creating a pseudo-sun when the weather is poor, so she helps the plants with a plenty of light.
Also, Miria seems to like the scent, so I’m helping her with the cultivation, but it’s limited to flowers.
There are many flowers that can be used as ingredients in medicine, aren’t there?
Recently, she has begun raising roses which have nothing to do with medicine. She seems to be growing various kinds of roses.
And before I noticed, a greenhouse for roses was built.
I wonder whether Miria asked Father?
I have not requested him and Father didn’t say anything like the『Let’s make it』from before, so the details of the greenhouse are a mystery.
But Miria is happy, so oh well……

Miria makes skin lotions, oils, soaps, perfumes, and even herb tea from the roses she’s raising.
I wonder why she knows how to make such things……
I was curious, but I set it aside with『She’s Spirit-san』.
And like that, the various goods made from roses are gifts from Miria to me.
Apparently, she feels satisfied just by making them, and she doesn’t need them.
In that case, I will gratefully receive them.
However you see, I’m still a three-year-old, so my skin is still all jiggly and springy.
I could use the skin lotion and soap, but I don’t use oils that much, and it’s still too early for perfumes.
Thus, I decided to share it with the female servants working at the house and let them use it for a while.
Because I wanted to know their impressions and stuff.
The lotion and oil seem to have very good results.
The skin of the servants became glossy.
The perfume also has a reputation for having a good fragrance.

This has somehow spread through the servants, and before I knew it, many noble wives and misses flooded us with questions.
Let me tell you that the inquiring of the beautiful wives and misses was terrifying.
In the end, it was decided to commercialize the beauty care.
Light Spirit Deluxe was the catchphrase.
Because not many can be sold, so they were pretty expensive products with limited quantity.
Still, it sold like hot cakes.
That’s what Merchant-san who came said in excitement.

The sales of the medicinal plants and beauty products were saved as my personal assets.
Father is managing the money, but it appears that I already have quite a good sum.
Of course, I have consulted about this with Hughley and Miria too, but both don’t have any interest in money.
Is it fine then?
But, even if the house collapses, even if I get exiled, I won’t be troubled about funds to live!

It was a wonderful incident.


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