Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 1

Wasting of Talent


Five years after the birth of new Maou.
The rapidly growing Dirkhert is currently practicing magic in the castle.
As expected of Maou. He has learned magic so fast it’s hard to believe he’s only a five-year-old child, he already got hold of all magic of this world.
And now, he’s in the middle of a special training about chantless magic and creating his original magic.
He softly writes letters in the air and completes a magic circle.

「Fish, Fish, Fishsa~n」

Although expressionless, he writes the letters in the air while dancing around happily.
Two tiny magic circles, three, four…… he draws magic circles in succession from which fish made out of water jump out one after another. And then, the fish start swimming around Dirkhert as if attracted to him.
The water fish swimming in the air makes a very magical scene.

「…… Maou-sama, just what meaning do those fish have?」
「Anone, they are kawaii」
「………… Is that so?」

That he’s doing something amazing is clear. He produces water from an empty space, models it into fish, and lets them move freely.
Just how many types of magic is he able use simultaneously? Even the expert on magic who teaches him, Meluerina doesn’t know in detail.
That’s right, what the Maou Dirkhert is doing right now is an unbelievable feat even to the best magicians.
But, it has no purpose other than being『Kawaii』.

「Mou-sama. Why don’t you create a little more useful magic?」
「Yes, that’s right. Like a powerful magic to defeat humans……」
「Hurting is no good. I like it better when everyone smiles」

This Chiisana Maou-sama dislikes fighting thoroughly. Treating Meluerina, other vassals, the whole race, and of course to animals, insects, and even the hostile humans gently.
A hardly suitable personality for a Maou.
But, Maou is born as『Maou』regardless of what his views might be.
Since Dirkhert was born as Maou, no other existence in the whole world other than him can become Maou. And, protecting and raising that Maou is Meluerina’s and her family’s, the『Rozes Clan’s』mission.
The first generation Maou created the Rozes Clan. Since then, Rozes Clan is in charge of Maou’s education and serving them as an attendant.
And thus, the one playing the key role in taking care of the current Maou is Meluerina.
She’s the youngest one in the Rozes Clan, but the number of people in Rozes Clan that possess the power and knowledge she has can be counted on five fingers. Because of that, she was the one selected.
But, such Meluerina is greatly perplexed. The current Maou hates dispute.
He’s saying that he wants to build a peaceful relationship with humans in the future, so his dislike for conflict must be quite considerable.
He’s saying that only because he’s still young, once he grows up he will surely become a splendid Maou. Even today, Meluerina takes care of the Chiisana Maou while holding on her hope.

「Melu, look, look, octopus~. So~ gross」

An eight-legged creature coming out of a magic circle was certainly gross.
If you find it gross, you shouldn’t create it in the first place……
It can’t be helped that a sigh has escaped from Meluerina’s mouth.


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