Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 12

Melu's Day


The early morning of the person in charge of the present Maou’s, Meluerina.
She gets up at 4 am, she puts on her outfit and starts the work by picking flowers to display on Dirkhert’s dining table.
She greets the gardener in the castle’s courtyard who already started working and looks over the flower bed and lawn.

「Ara, a four-leaf clover, how rare」

For the sake of her master who likes simple flowers better rather than extravagant flowers, the flowers blooming in the flowerbed are simple and small. And, today, she found a four-leaf clover mixed in.
There’s no way that Meluerina who brings flowers to Maou who always stares at them while saying「Kawaii nee」every day would not notice the four-leaf clover.
Then, after picking the flowers, and decorating the table, she prepares Dirkhert’s change of clothes and makes the preparations to make the beds. Then, in a little while Dirkhert is getting up, she prepares the dinner.
6:30am. She goes to the master’s bedroom to wake him up. She then somehow wakes up the grumbling, sleeping Maou-sama and forcefully changes his clothes. She wipes his face with a wet towel, tidies up his hair and the preparations are complete.
When everything is done, Dirkhert properly opens his eyes「Melu, morning」and finally gives his morning greetings.
After that, in about an hour, she escorts Dirkhert to training where she hands Maou-sama over to Volsung. She then makes the beds and starts cleaning.
9am. It’s study time for Dirkhert. Today is the day Dirkhert learns about history, geography, and etiquette. He studies each subject for 50 minutes and takes 10 minutes breaks in between.
But, this day, because of Dirkhert’s selfishness, the study time was shortened by one hour.

「Ah yeah, thank you for the four leaf! I made it into bookmark with other flower-sans!」

Saying that, he sandwiches the four-leaf clover he just discovered in a book. As expected, when he discovered it, a smile floated on Meluerina’s face.

「Four-leaf clover grants a wish. Try wishing something, by all means」

Like that, the calm morning ends. It’s time for lunch at noon.
As Dirkhert wished, Meluerina and Volsung join him for a lunch as happens quite often.

「Ue~…… there’s a carrot……」
「You should properly eat without being picky?」
「………… Vol, ahh~!」
「Yes, yes, ahh~……」
「Hay, Niisama! Please stop spoiling Maou-sama!」
「I’m the candy, and you are the whip, so it’s all right」

Such exchanges are a daily occurrence. The lunch is lively as always.
And then, from 1 pm, it’s more training.
First, taijutsu, sword, spear, bow, he does basic training with all weapons, he takes a break, and then starts the practice of the main weapon of that day. The main weapon today is the bow, so the one training him is Volsung. Meluerina does the laundry or prepares the study materials in the meantime.
It’s magic practice from 4 pm so Meluerina instructs him again.
Although it’s a magic practice, Meluerina doesn’t have anything more to teach him, so it became a time for Dirkhert to use magic as he likes.
After the magic practice, it’s Dirkhert’s free time from 5 pm to 6 pm. Meluerina and Volsung watch Dirkhert while handling trivial duties.
Recently, he plays with Chocola and Tart in the courtyard a lot. It’s just the gardener cries every time that the lawn has been destroyed. I have to apologize to the gardener later, Meluerina sighs.
And then, the dinner starts at 6 pm and Dirkhert takes a bath at 7 pm. She washes his hair and back, then she lets him freely play in the bath. She has to force her master from the bath an hour later, and she lets him read from around 8 pm until the bed time.
8:50pm. Meluerina brings Dirkhert a hot milk before the bed.

「Melu, thank you」

She watches him fu~ fu~ and drink the milk, then she lulls him to sleep.

「Have a good night, Maou-sama」
「Melu, good night, see you tomorrow, okay?」

Meluerina gives Dirkhert a good night kiss on his forehead, puts off the lights, and leaves the room.
After that, she has a late meal, she washes her sweat off and reviews the happenings of the day.
When the date changes. She checks on Dirkhert one more time. After making sure there are no problems, Meluerina finally goes to bed.
With that, Meluerina’s long day ends.


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