Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 15

Morning Training


After getting up, Dirkhert is doing a light training before the breakfast.
He does a calisthenics and runs several laps around the castle’s courtyard.
Meluerina already had morning training together with Dirkhert not a long ago, but he’s now training together with his three friends Chocola, Tart, and Pudding.
They do calisthenics together with Dirkhert, then a light marathon.
The three pyokopyoko run after the little Maou-sama. It’s really healing. It’s a morning scenery which became very popular among the people from the castle.
One lap around the courtyard is approximately 400 meters. After running three laps, they do calisthenics again and do light taijutsu training.
The scene where the three animals line side by side doing the same movements is really heartwarming.

「To~! Ya~!」

The person himself shouts to fire himself up, why is it? He shouts in a way that doesn’t tire out anyone of hearing it.
After completing the first stage, Dirkhert「Fuu」breathes out, and Meluerina hands him a towel.

「Thank you for your hard work, Maou-sama」

Dirkhert receives the towel and wipes the sweat from his face and neck.
And then, after taking a break.

「Yosh, let’s spare! Let’s start from Chocola!」

After saying so, he has a light bout with Chocola. Although saying that, to Meluerina it looks like he’s playing with a stuffed toy, but the kids are serious.
But, that seriousness doesn’t last long. Tart and Pudding get immediately rolled up in the match.
Maou-sama who is rolling on the lawn with his friends looks really happy.

「Maou-sama, it’s almost time for the breakfast, let’s wipe your body and change your clothes」

His sweaty body covered in soil and grass can’t be complimented. Because he can’t have a breakfast like that, it’s slightly early, but he must stop his training that ended up as playing early.
Dirkhert is pitch black. Of course, Chocola, Tart, and Pudding are also dirty from soil and grass.

「I will wash Chocola, Tart, and Pudding while Maou-sama has a breakfast」

Like that, Meluerina takes the little Maou-sama along with his three stuffed friends and returns to Maou-sama’s room to change his clothes.


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