Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 17

Rainy Day


Today’s sky, unfortunately, is cloudy. Moreover, the weather is so delicate it may start raining at any moment.

「Rain, will it fall……!」

Dirkhert is watching the sky from the castle’s rooftop. He mutters with somewhat merry voice.
I dislike rain, many people think so, but this little Maou-sama loves rain.
The unique scent when the rain begins to fall, the music the rainfall plays, the glittering rainy drops.
Kunkun, his nose moves as he sniffs the scent of the air. Doing that, he can already feel a slight rainy scent. Dirkhert hastily runs, looking for Meluerina.

「Melu, it’s going to rain! I will go outside so, please prepare rubber boots and umbrella!」
「Outside on a rainy day? You will catch a cold, you know?」
「It’s okay!」

I’m saying that because it’s not okay. Meluerina doesn’t have a way to stop Maou-sama going out on the rainy days.
Quickly, quickly, he urges her. Meluerina prepares the rubber boots and umbrella.
A green frog-san poncho type rain coat and matching rubber boots and umbrella.
When Dirkhert received them, he put them on in a hurry and rushed out to the courtyard.
Then, when the rain begins to fall a drop by a drop, Dirkhert’s excitement instantly rises.
Potsu, potsu. The sound of rain drops falling on his umbrella speeds up little by little. Before long, zaaaaa…… when a full-scale rain begins to fall, Dirkhert quickly moves under a large tree in the courtyard.
The branches and leaves act as a roof, so rain doesn’t fall that much there. However, occasionally, Bosu a big drop falls down. A loud noise resounds on the umbrella.
Because Dirkhert enjoys that, he moves to a place where the roof of branches and leaves ends and he enjoys two kinds of sounds.

「Potsu, potsu, bosu, potsu, potsu, bosu」

Dirkhert spins around while imitating the sounds on his umbrella.
The fluffy lawn he’s stepping on gradually becomes muddy, and the crisp sounds of footsteps switch with watery bechabecha sounds.
And when he jumps, Bashan! A lot of water splashes and his rubber boots get covered by mud.
When he peeks at the flower bed, he finds a snail attached on a wet flower leaf.

「Snail-san, hello」

Saying that, he pokes it, and the startled snail hides in its shell.
When he averts his gaze from the snail, he finds an earthworm crawling on the wet ground.

「Uhya~ Earthworm-san so gross~」

Pashapasha, he leaves it behind, returns under the tree and his eyes match Chocola, Tart, and Pudding watching from the castle’s window.
Dirkhert suddenly stops moving and stares at the three.
The three stare back at Dirkhert.
The three want to play with Dirkhert. But, they who are stuffed toys, can’t go outside when it’s raining.
The gazes of the three who are watching the little Maou-sama happily playing by himself look somewhat lonely. Dirkhert picks the leaf with the snail on it and returns to the castle.
He folds his umbrella and potepote walks towards Chocola, Tart, and Pudding.

「Chocola, Tart, Pudding. This child is Snail-san, you know? You can often see him on rainy days, you see」

The snail on the leaf doesn’t show any signs of movement. Chocola pokes it, but nothing happens.
But, after a while of staring, the snail came out.
Seeing that, the three pikopiko clap their hands in joy.

「You see, on rainy days, insect-sans you usually wouldn’t see come out」

After saying that, Dirkhert expands the umbrella again and runs into the rainy courtyard. Then, he comes back with a different insect in his hand.

「Anone, this child is……」

In that way, the little Maou-sama introduced various new friends to Chocola, Tart, and Pudding who can’t go outside on the rainy days.


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