Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 2



The newly born still little Maou-sama loves cute things.
He looks flowers「Kawaii nee」and admires, he looks at small animals「Kawaii nee」and caresses them, he looks at stuffed toys「Kawaii nee」and hugs it tightly.
You are the one who is kawaii Maou-sama!! The scene that makes the subordinates want to scream from the bottom of their hearts unfolds every day.
And, the one who receives the damage directly most of the time is the caretaker in charge, Meluerina.

「Maou-sama, it’s the time for a snack」

Meluerina presents sweets and tea to Dirkhert who is reading in his room.
Today’s menu is a pineapple flavored tea and pineapple cake.
Dirkert closes the book he was reading and puts it in the corner of his desk.
When he turns towards the bittersweet smell of the pineapple flavored black tea and his sight falls on the pineapple cake,「Waa…!」he leaks out a small voice.

「Melu, the cake in a shape of a bear-san, kawaii nee

The yellow, ten centimeters in diameter cake is in a shape of a bear’s face, matching that is a cup with a bear drawn on it, and even the plate is in a shape of a bear’s face. An obviously cute Teatime set has been prepared.
Dirkhert’s expressions of feelings are scarce (except when he becomes displeased), but his tone of voice was enough for Meluerina to confirm that he was greatly pleased.

「You seem to like it, Melu is happy」

Dirkhert replies「Thank you as always」to Meluerina’s words and then he grabs a fork at once in order to eat the cake.

「Bear-san, which part of you would be the least painful to start eating you from……」

A smile unconsciously floats on Meluerina’s face seeing Maou being concerned about a cake.
The gentle little Maou-sama would always be considerate about cakes shaped like animals. His hesitating appearance is so adorable that Meluerina can’t help, but to smile.

「How about starting with the ears?」

Meluerina gives advice to Dirkhert who would probably be at a loss forever. Then, Dirkhert who was troubled until now「I will do that!」begun to eat from the corners of the bear’s ears.
He started eating the cake in large enough portions to accommodate his mouth with a dangerous-looking fork handling technique that might spill its contents at any time.
He opens his mouth as much as he can, aan and the cake enters his mouth, n~!!! Then he closes his eyes. After chewing and swallowing it, he turns towards Meluerina.

「Anone, at first the sourness pyuu’ed in my mouth! But you see, after that the delicious sweetness came, so yummy!」

Saying that he puts the fork down and picks up the tea cup next.
After smelling and enjoying the fragrance of pineapple and black tea, he slowly puts the cup near his lips.「Hoo……」he leaks a sigh of satisfaction unconsciously after drinking, looks like he enjoyed the tea’s taste.
Satisfied with Dirkhert’s reaction, Meluerina watched over the rest of the teatime silently.
After approximately 15 minutes of leisure teatime, Dirkhert mutters while looking at the empty plate.

「Bear-san, I would like it……」

Meluerina who properly heard Dirkhert’s casual muttering, worked hard all night.


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