Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 3

Bear Chocola


On that day, the little Maou-sama Dirkhert was studying as usual. He ate a dinner, took a bath and finished his daily activities as usual.
With the approaching bedtime, he illuminated the room with a lamp next to his bed, planning to read a book with the remaining time, but at that time konkon he heard knocking on his door.

「You may come in」

The number of people that can visit Dirkhert at night is limited. Meluerina is probably bringing him milk as usual.
When he turns towards the door, he sees Meluerina carrying a tray in one of her hands as expected.

「Maou-sama, I have brought you milk」

Meluerina walks to the side table next to the bed and puts the tray there.
She pours Dirkhert’s favorite sweet honey into the milk and stirs it.

「Yes, here you go」

Saying that, she presents the cup of milk to Dirkhert. Dirkhert puts a bookmark in his book, places it on the pillow and receives the cup.

「Thank you」

He blew fuu~ fuu~ several times on the cup and slowly drinks the milk.
It’s the same scene as usual, but something is a slightly different today.

「…… Melu, what is that on your back?」

Dirkhert points at something tied up on a baby backpack on Meluerina’s back.
Meluerina sweetly smiles at Dirkhert’s words and unfastens the baby backpack. Then, she presents him that something that was tied on her back.

「I have made Maou-sama a friend」

What came to Dirkhert’s sight is around 60cm tall stuffed bear toy.

「Melu, this……!」
「I heard Maou-sama say yesterday that he wants this, although I’m unskilled, I made you this」

Dirkhert receives the stuffed bear toy from Meluerina and observes it carefully.

「Fuaaaa……! It’s Bear-san. Amazing, its hands and legs move! Kawaii nee!」

The hands and legs fastened with buttons can move to some extent.
Dirkhert was very pleased and moved its limbs in excitement.

「Nee, may I have this?」
「Of course. I made it for Maou-sama, after all」

Dirkhert hearing those words tightly embraced the stuffed bear.

「Melu, thank you! I will take a good care of it!」

Overjoyed, he rolls around the bed with the bear in his embrace. Normally, Meluerina would scold him with「Your behavior is bad」, but today is special.
Meluerina herself didn’t expect him to be this much happy.
Dirkhert who was joyfully rolling around the bed suddenly stops, lifts the bear in the air and starts thinking seriously.
Just what is he thinking about……

「Your name is~…… Chocola! We are friends starting today Chocola, treat me nicely, okay!」

After naming the stuffed bear『Chocola』he hugs it tightly again.
The face of Meluerina who watched the little Maou-sama like that was full of affection.

Like this, Dirkhert obtained an adorable friend.


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