Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 4

Wasting of Talent 2


In the corner of training grounds in the Maou Castle. Dirkhert is practicing the bow.

「That’s right, slowly pull the string with all your strength…… and release the hand」

As told, he pulls the string with all his strength and shoots the arrow.
The arrow Dirkhert released shots into the air in an arc and lifelessly plops on the ground five meters away from him.
Usually, one would be depressed about the lack of power and distance of the arrow, but not Dirkhert.

「It flew! Vol, it flew!」

He excitedly turns towards his teacher Volsung who also showed a slight excitement.

「You did it, Maou-sama」

Volsung says and pats Dirkhert’s head. Normally, one wouldn’t dare to do such thing to the Maou, but to Volsung, this little Maou-sama is like his own younger brother. Also, Dirkhert himself treats Volsung as his older brother, and he definitely doesn’t dislike having his head patted.

「Chocola did you see? The arrow flew!」

He speaks to the stuffed bear Chocola who is resting on the side. Chocola who was motionlessly sitting down suddenly stood up and started moving its hands as if saying ‘congratulations.’
Seeing that, Volsung unconsciously stiffens.
The stuffed toy that was motionlessly sitting down nearby Dirkhert the whole practice. Just yesterday, his imouto Meluerina was happily telling him how Dirkhert was pleased with the stuffed bear she made from him.

「…… Maou-sama, did that Teddy Bear just move?」
「It’s not a Teddy Bear, it’s Chocola, you know」

No, the name doesn’t matter right now. What was more important to Volsung was if that stuffed bear just moved or not.

「Can Chocola move?」

His imouto is exceptional at magic, but to think it was to such degree…… is what Volsung thought.

「Anone, I thought it would be nice if Chocola could move. I made Chocola move with magic in the morning」
「Eh, Maou-sama did?」
「That’s right~」

He instantly, plainly confirmed it. That’s right~, not! Volsung unconsciously does tsukkomi in his mind.
A moving stuffed toy. Moreover, not controlling it to move, but almost as if it had its own will. Just how advanced his magic is?
He heard from Meluerina that「Maou-sama’s talent for magic is abnormal」, but this is way more than he could even imagine.
Is it happy because Dirkhert was able to shoot the arrow, or is it cheering him for the next try? A dancing Teddy Bear. And the little Maou-sama who is staring at that says his usual「Kawaii nee」.
This scene indeed is lovely, but Volsung can’t afford to admire it.

――――Uwaa, isn’t this a super wasting of talent?

This power could be used to make the strongest soldiers. This may be in a sense a ground-breaking magic invention. But, at its current『Kawaii』state, it’s of no use.
No, it will inevitably become useful one day, there’s nothing that is useless in this world, after all.
Volsung persuades himself.
He could only watch over the mysteriously dancing Teddy Bear and its staring owner.


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