Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 5

In Castle's Dungeon


There is a dungeon in the basement of the Maou Castle where criminals are put. A place where stagnated, chilly air drifts.
Not many people approach it willingly. Or that was supposed to be the case.

「…… Hello」

The one who called out is the little Maou-sama who is carrying his favorite Teddy Bear in his embrace.

「Thank you for your hard work, Maou-sama!」

When one of the guards salutes, Dirkhert hugs the Teddy Bear even tighter in a startle. His appearances are very adorable. The guard’s cheeks melt while thinking sorry to startle you in his mind.

「………… Passing through」

Drikhert timidly goes through the door while taking as much distance as possible from the guards.
This little Maou-sama’s shyness of strangers is intense. He addresses everyone like this apart from Meluerina and Volsung who take care of him. Moreover, the words he speaks are kept only to the necessary minimum. There are times where even the minimum is too much for him.
That Maou-sama has recently started going to the dungeon for some reason.
Just why is he coming to a place where nothing but criminals are?
The guards tilt their heads in puzzlement every time Dirkhert passes through.
Potepote. Dirkhert’s advances deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Eventually, he stops in front of one cell and opens its doors quietly.
Nobody is inside. There’s nothing apart from wind and rain coming down from a small ventilation window on the high ceiling, and even lights are missing.
There’s a clean cloth placed right in the middle of the gloomy cell.
And, on top of that is a single cat.

「Sorry to keep you waiting, it’s your meal」

Dirkhert takes bread and milk he was hiding in the Teddy Bear.
He pours milk into an empty plate, he then tears the bread into small pieces and places it on the floor.
Then, the cat who was sleeping until now gets up and starts eating the bread and milk.
A few days ago, he found this cat by coincidence. He told Meluerina「Keeping it」, but he was rejected. He’s stealthily keeping the cat in this dungeon since then.
The cells near the entrance were all occupied, but cells this deep are vacant. Therefore, Dirkhert stealthily brought the cat this far so he could take care of it.


When he asks the cat who was eating in a trance, the cat suddenly「Nyaa」as if it was seriously answering him.
When the cat starts eating again, Dirkhert starts pondering about ways that could convince Meluerina to keep it.
「I wonder why we can’t keep you……」

「That’s because the miasma in this castle is too strong」
Dirkhert who didn’t expect a reply turns towards the door in a startle.

「…… Vol, how did you find out?」

He was sure he got found out by Meluerina, but he sighed in relief when he realized he wasn’t. But, that doesn’t change the fact that he was found out.

「A prison guard has contacted me. He said that Maou-sama had been recently visiting the dungeon」
「I see」

Maybe I should have forbidden them from speaking, is what Dirkhert is thinking, but it’s too late now that he got found out.
Rather than that, he’s more interested in Volsung’s words.

「Does it have to be so strong?」

The miasma is around for as long as Dirkhert can remember. Even if he asked if it has to be so strong, he still doesn’t understand what.

「Cats are weak against miasma you see. If they are exposed to miasma for too long, they will die」
「Eh, it will die?」
「That’s right. That’s why Meluerina rejected it. Maou-sama also doesn’t want that cat to die, right?」
「Un, I will feel sorry if it dies」
「Then, let’s properly let it out outside of the castle」

To Volsung’s words, Dirkhert made a slightly lonely expression. While staring at the cat that was eating its meal deliciously.

「………… Un」

He answers in a small voice.
After that, Dirkhert went outside of the gate together with Volsung and let the cat out.

「Neko-san, bye bye」

When he says and waves his hand,「Nya~」the cat meows and runs off.

「Shall we return?」

Volsung calls out to Dirkhert who was forever staring at the cat that already left and lifted up his small body to his embrace.
Dirkhert put his arms around Volsung’s neck and tightly hugged him.

「Neko-san, I don’t want it to go awayy……」

The little Maou-sama hugs as strong as he can while letting out big tears from his eyes.
They actually parted. But, because he would dislike it even more if it died, he did his best to say bye bye.
Volsung completely understood the feelings of the little Maou-sama.

「Saying bye bye properly was really admirable of you」

After he had said that, the crying became even stronger.
Volsung returned to the castle while comforting his master.


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