Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 6

Cat Tart


A few days after the cat in the dungeon was found out. Although somewhat depressed, Dirkhert performed his usual training.
He ran several rounds around the castle’s courtyard then did some stretching.
Normally, he would like to do some muscle training too, but since he did too much muscle training since infancy, his growth has been affected. Because of that, he runs to build up his stamina and stretching for flexibility.
The bear Chocola was stretching together with Dirkhert next to him.
Because it was doing the exact same movements as Dirkhert, he found it cute which made him enjoy today’s training more than usual.
While stretching, something incidentally entered the corner of his vision.
When he turned towards it to find out what it was, he found it was a kitten.

「Ah, it’s Neko-san!」

Dirkhert who found the kitten, tetete, runs towards it. He can’t see its parents nearby. It probably got lost on its own.
When he approaches it, the kitten bumps it head against him. Dirkhert who saw that lifted the kitten into his embrace quietly.

「Chocola, this Neko-san, we have to let it outside」

He properly remembers Volsung’s words. The kitten is going to die if it’s exposed to the miasma for too long.
But, he can’t go outside alone. Dirkhert was slightly worried about what to do.

「Melu~! I want to go outside so come together with me~!」

After saying that, a person working nearby promptly went to fetch the person in charge.
After that, Meluerina immediately rushed towards Dirkhert.

「Outside, what do you want to go outside fo…… tte, ara?」

If he just wants to go outside to play, I will have to advise him. Meluerina came over while thinking that, but once she saw a kitten obediently settled in Dirkhert’s arms, she understood.
She was told about the dungeon accident by Volsung.

「I understand, shall we go together?」

Saying that, Meluerina presents her hand. Dirkhert puts his free hand on top of hers and grasps.
They go to outside of the castle gate hand in hand. When they arrive at a place with no miasma, they find a single parent cat with several kittens.
When he lowered the kitten in his arms on the ground, the kitten walked over to the other cats without hesitating.

「You found your family, I’m glad」

When Dirkhert says that, the kitten meows「Nyaa」once, as if answering him.

「Neko-san bye bye~」

After bidding farewell, he locked hands with Meluerina again and returned to the castle.

「Neko-san is kawaii nee. Can’t we somehow bring it back?」

Dirkhert looks outside of the gate reluctantly. Meluerina said「Wait a moment please」and disappeared with transfer magic.
Then, she comes back before a minute passed and presented Dirkhert something she brought.

「A new friend for Maou-sama」

A stuffed cat toy of the similar size to Chocola.

「The real one is impossible, but would this one be all right?」

After hearing from Volsung, she immediately made it for the little Maou-sama.

「…… Neko-san, I can have it? Even though I have just received Chocola?」
「Please have it by all means. I can’t do anything more for you than this, after all」

When Meluerina says with a smile, Dirkhert receives the cat and tightly hugs it.

「Melu, thank you! This Neko-san’s name is, Tart you know!」

Dirkhert immediately comes up with the cat’s name. Most likely, it’s the name he came up with for a real cat.
He presents the cat towards Chocola who is always beside him.

「He’s Chocola’s and Dirk’s new friend you see」

Perhaps because Chocola got a new friend, it started moving its hands delightfully immediately after hearing Dirkhert’s words.
Looking at Dirkhert and his stuffed friends, Meluerina’s smile deepened.

It was a few minutes later that Tart started moving freely.


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