Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama – Chapter 7



All of sudden. A small figure peeks through a gap in the door to kitchen.
The cooks in the kitchen noticed the little existence, but they are hesitating whether to address it or not.
Well, that’s natural. Although the other party is still little, he’s a Maou.
However, it has been more than ten minutes already. They are really bothered by being stared at for that long. They are so bothered that they can’t concentrate.

「Head chef, please……」
「We can’t focus on cooking, do something about it please」

Being told that by his subordinates, as the person in charge, he feels that he must do something about it. No, in fact, even if he does something about it, they won’t be able to complete the meal in time.
The head chef puts his kitchen knife down and takes a deep breath. He makes up his mind and walks towards the door where the little Maou-sama has been staring at them from.
Then, sensing an approaching presence, Maou-sama hides in the shadow of the door.
The head chef, without getting surprised, crouches down, matches Maou-sama’s eyes and talks to him in his softest voice.

「Maou-sama, do you need something?」

Then, Maou-sama stealthily approaches the gap again and says in a whisper.

「Umm you see, that…………」

The rest of his words doesn’t come out.
But, everyone in this castle knows of Maou-sama’s shyness of strangers. If he rushes him here, he won’t be able to hear the rest of Maou-sama’s words.
He has his hands full by carrying his friends Chocola and Tart. The appearance of the fidgeting Maou-sama is pleasing to watch, but also quite vexing.
Before long, he finally got the courage. He takes a deep breath and shouts with all his might.

「I don’t like when you put carrots in!」

After saying that, he turns around and quickly runs away.
To think that his important business was to tell that he doesn’t want carrots (on the dislike list) in his meal.
Being told that by Maou-sama himself, there’s no way they can dismiss it.

「Did you hear, guys! Today, Maou-sama’s meal is carrot free!」

The other chefsreplied「Yes!」to head chef’s words.

That day, the meal was served without Maou-sama’s hateful carrots, but.
After that, the person in charge of Maou-sama’s education, Meluerina「You must not listen to Maou-sama’s selfishness!」got angry at them. The next day, the dishes returned to normal.
But, that quantity of carrots in the dishes decreased since then is a secret of the cooks.


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