Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 12


The fourth time.
The four-legged beast monster was doing「Lay down」before me. Why is it that his rich fur is burnt? No, leaving that aside.

「…… What are you doing?」
「Ha. I am a mount」

Just what is this fellow talking about? I am troubled. The children’s attack from yesterday might have landed on a bad spot.

「I have properly understood that Prince and Princess got attached to you, the Brave Hero, so I thought of at least lending you my traveling prowess」

When I nodded in puzzlement…… I realized.

「Wait. You are tagging along!?」
「Exactly!! I also intend to cut off your head when the opportunity arises!!」

Idiot. This beast monster is an idiot.
The moment Yuuya got convinced, a tornado rose and the beast monster whirled up in the air.

「Didn’t I tell you that I will turn those who attack Nii~chan to cinders!」

It was the Demon King’s child, Iric.

「Pochi! Sit down!」

The monster that fell down was squashed under a piled up ground. It was the second of Demon King’s children, Ilya.

「Ah~…… children. Could you explain to this Oniisan what has just happened?」

Just what has happened in the little while I went to wash my face in the river?

…… It all started when the children noticed the beast monster who was tailing us.
The children flew into a rage at the monster who followed after us『Again』.

「You must not sneakily follow after us! People like that are called perverts, ya know!」
「Degenerates have to be punished!!」

They got immediately repulsed. And so, I was told the monster learned from experience.
Somehow, please bring me along. When it Began speaking about not minding to become our mount, the children give their consent……

「…… But~ I don’t like walking~ I’m tired~ the place people live is just too far away~」

Iric threw a tantrum.

「We will sit on this fellow. Then I and Ilya won’t be tired~ Nii~chan could get on too. All would become more comfortable~」

The monster that was supposed to become a mount was forcibly made to「Lay down」. While thinking that this definitely wasn’t like the「Sit down」trick, Yuuya grimaced. The monster is big enough for three people to get on, but…… that fellow has too many things on his mind. Too many ulterior motives.

「He is Pochi. I will teach him tricks. Onii~san, can we keep him?」

Ilya pulled on my sleeve. You are treating him like a stray dog?

「I also have trouble walking. Onii~san」

Certainly, walking to the human habitat on foot might be just too difficult for the children.

「…… Hmm…… but, this fellow wants to use you guys in various ways……」
「Yes, we know. It will be fine, Nii~chan. If he tries to forcefully take us, I will burn this fellow to ashes」
「I will wash him away after that. It will be fine. Nothing will remain of him」
「No, why such bloodthirsty flow? I’m telling you not to forget the existence of dialogue」

Looking down at the beast monster, I was troubled.
It would be certainly possible to shorten the time was this fellow to become our mount. I can feel that the children are considerably fatigued, so I would be grateful if he became our mount.
I would be thankful, but……

「…… Then, shall we go together?」
「Umu! Even the low-intelligence you have come to understand my capability! Now, bow your head in admiration, human! I might let you get on if you ask me nicely ten thousand times!」

The monster immediately jumped up on its feet and started talking self-importantly. It might be possible that he would be puffing out his chest if he was a bipedal monster. I, however, politely declined.

「No, I don’t need to get on. Just take the children」
「You are of a great help. Both are tired, so I felt sorry for making them continue walking. You are really a great help. Thanks」

I bowed my head.

「Nuwa!? …… Mu, muu…… if you say that much, then I won’t decline going together」

He seemed to be shaken by my honesty. Nonchalantly smiling at the amusing monster, I spoke with a gentle smile.

「Ah, by teh way」
「W, what is it?」
「Try not to take off my head while sleeping. If I feel bloodthirst in my sleep, I will immediately counterattack. It’s very likely that I won’t be able to hold back because of the sleepiness, so you will die instantly?」
「………… You bastard, you are quite nasty, aren’t you……」

The monster was overpowered by Yuuya’s smile that struck right on the head.

「Nii~chan, amazing~」
「Heroes are that amazing, huh」

Why are the children admiring?

「By the way, what is your name?」
「I was given a wonderful name by Princess! And that’s Pochi!」
「………… Hee…… I’m happy for you……」


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