Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 16


Once they wore the clothes, they looked like ordinary children.
They covered them with hats, so their small horns also weren’t visible, and Ilya hid her tail under the skirt. Her tail is apparently small just like her horn.
Will the horns and tail grow bigger when they grow up?
Until then, I would like to raise them normally. Of course, with a human common sense.

「Nii~chan, do you have to report to the human King that you have defeated Tou~chan?」

While making the preparations for the journey, Iric suddenly asked.

「…… Ah~…… I forgot」

I really forgot.

「But you know…… it’s not like it was me who defeated him……」

because I have defeated him. He was already on the verge of death when I arrived at the throne room, and he passed away immediately after entrusting the children to me. With the sense of accomplishment from defeating the Demon King nonexistent, I had my hands full with the worries about what I am going to do with the children. I haven’t imagined at all that things would settle in such manner.

「Why~? You will receive many rewards, right? Wouldn’t you become an important person?」
「N~ actually, I don’t have much interest in that」
「Why is that?」

Ilya also looked at me.

「I might have said it before, but I have not come to defeat the Demon King in order to obtain fame or status」

I just have something I wanted to protect.

「Fu, you hypocrite. There’s no way you don’t want fame or status. You are just putting up a front to hide your greed!」
「Shut up, Pochi」
「Be quiet」

Leaving alone Pochi who was burnt silent (he will recover anyway), I tilted my head.

「…… Indeed…… it might be better to return for once…… either way, I’d like to report of the Demon King’s passing……」

Anyhow, I would like to report the Demon King’s death. It will reduce the anxiety of the frightened people.

「You bastard! You are not planning on disclosing Prince and Princess’ existences, are you!?」

Just as I thought, Pochi immediately revived, so I lightly hit him with the scabbard of my sword.

「There’s no way I would. I just want to report and intend to go living somewhere quiet. Would returning to the countryside be a good idea……?」

My birthplace. It’s a place with lots of nature, it would be a blissful place to raise the Demon King’s children.
It’s just that it’s a countryside, so they will immediately stand out as oddballs.
Not to mention, I who have lived there before would be returning with children.

「No, that wouldn’t be good after all」

Children!? → Grandchildren!! → What about the bride!? → Did she escape!? → This good for nothing! → There’s no way you can raise children all alone, go find a bride! Such combo will surely come into existence. Definitely.
Also, the neighboring aunties would start meddling in my business. Definitely.
I feel like a surge of marriage proposals would come my way. Very hard.
And, once it becomes like that, I don’t think I would be able to escape no matter how hard I work.

「Yeah. Returning would be no good after all. Let’s end it with a letter. Ah~ also, let’s work out a solution for the living expenses」

Naturally rejecting to return to my birthplace, I first have to take care of the living expenses = treasure problem.

「Are you going to change Tou~chan’s treasure into money?」
「Yes. To put it frankly, I will do just that」

I obediently nodded to Iric’s words. I will gratefully use it as child-rearing expenses.

「Then, are we going to a big town next?」
「Let’s see…… yeah. Let’s do that」

Report to His Majesty, refuse all rewards, convert the treasure into money, find a safe place to live.
If possible, I would like a help from someone with parenting experiences.
I have no confidence in raising children after all.


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