Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 17


「Nii~chan, where did you put Tou~chan’s treasures?」

While making a soup, I was asked by Iric for some or other reason, so I replied immediately.

「In here」

What I showed him was a smallish pouch hanging from my waist. The Demon King’s children blinked their eyes and stared at the small pouch on my waist.

「…… Otou~san, you are not reliable at all」
「Tou~chan…… is this small thing our living expenses? I feel sorry for Nii~chan」

Hearing the twins apologetical mutters, Ahh, I realized. The treasures left by the Demon King isn’t merely just that. I ought to explain.

「You misunderstood. This is a magic bag. It’s also called the infinite pouch, and lots of things can be stored in it. You can’t feel the weight either. It’s an article of magic」

It’s something I have received from the Sage’s little sister who was my companion for a while. Rather than being skilled at magic, the little sister was skilled at developing predominant items. While her talent for magic was almost non-existent, she was quite able at creating magic products.

「Convenient, right?」
「I see~ How amazing the humans are」
「So cool~ You can make even something like that?」

The twins were very interested.

「Yeah. I have no idea how this works, but the child who made this was incredible. This amazing thing was easily made by a certain girl」
「Fu. It was made by a human in the end. It’s only given that it’s defective somewhere」

Not even getting scolded anymore, Pochi was sent straight through the air.

「A human that was Nii~chan’s companion?」

Iric continued the conversation as if nothing happened.

「Yeah. Let’s apologize to Pochi later. She was my companion」
「Why are you not together now?」

Letting a sigh at the twins who ignored the apology, I explained.

「Let’s apologize, okay? The reason we are not together now is because that child had something she wanted to do. She was aiming to become a Sage, so she was my companion until we reached the town where she was about to study」
「You were dumped?」

I was looked at with upturned eyes.

「Err…… she wasn’t my lover, so saying I was dumped would be inappropriate」
「Then, you were abandoned?」

This combo coming from left and right have no mercy at all.

「That’s not it……」

How should I explain this? We merely traveled together because we had the same destination and then we parted because of our different objectives.
However, traveling with her was indeed fun.

「Nii~chan, we are here for you, okay?」
「Onii~san, cheer up」

The children are totally treating me like a man who has been dumped.
She wasn’t my lover, so it’s different. After repeating that explanation a few more times, the children said.

「Alright, I got it! Nii~chan, I will marry you when I grow up and become a splendid Demon King」
「If Onii~san is still single until then, I would not mind becoming your bride, you know?」

I got proposed. Totally exhausted, I somehow managed to object.

「…… No…… you don’t have to become Demon Kings. Rather, Iric, two men can’t get married. Also, Ilya, I will be a weak from old age geezer when you grow up, so I will refrain」
「Eh, was that so?」
「Is that so?」

Even if they are mature for their age, they are still children in the end. And from the Demon race too. Their common sense is largely deficient.
Still, they were thinking of me, so it was at this moment that I realized how cute these children are.

「I see~ Then, I should just search for Nii~chan’s bride then!」
「Then, I will grow up quickly」

Somehow, they understood it differently.

How do I make them understand this?
Parenting really is difficult. Wouldn’t defeating a Demon King be much easier?

Yuuya who begin his journey with the twins has been thinking so recently.


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