Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 18


…… A second encounter.

「Hand the son and daughter over to me」

It was a beauty this time. What do I say, how splendid her proportions were. She was a beauty on the level that every man would want to associate with someone like her at least once in their lives. Rather than a monster, she gives off the impression of a stern, human teacher.
It’s probably because of her glasses. Her hair is also arranged up properly. A miniskirt is revealing her magnificent legs. Her cleavage is to be worshipped too.
Somehow, I felt harshness rather than sex appeal.

「…… Your acquaintance?」

First of all, I asked the children. The twins shook their heads. When I shifted my gaze towards Pochi, his fur stood on ends while his tail was limp.

「I don’t know her, alright! Not even her name! I don’t know anyone called Sivilla! Definitely!!」

He apparently knows her.

「Hee. So you are called Sivilla? Ah~ how do you do? I’m Yuuya」
「No need for introductions. I did tell you to hand over the two to me though?」
「I won’t」

I flatly refused. I thought so too when I met Pochi, but I have no intentions of letting the twins get involved in the struggles of the fellow Demons.

「I’m the guardian of these children after all」
「Conceited. This lowly human」
「Whatever. I won’t hand over the two」

The beauty laughed scornfully. Pochi rubbed his head against the ground. Why?
Seeing Yuuya stay calm and composed, Sivilla’s expression became perplexed.

「…… Onii~san, how amazing」

I took a notice of Ilya’s mutter.

「? What was?」
「Nii~chan, you have resisted. As expected of the Brave Hero!」

Iric was looking at me with admiration too. I don’t understand.

「This granny misleads people with magical powers. Pochi got affected immediately. That is why he was so scared of this granny」

So that’s why you fell on the ground, Pochi? I got a guess after listening to Ilya’s explanation.

「…… Hohou…… you mean that she had no intentions of negotiating from the very beginning?」

It seems that she intended to coerce me with her magical powers without letting me notice, struct a fear in me, make me lose the fighting spirit and take the twins away.

「In that case, let’s take appropriate countermeasures」

Sivilla jumped back. At that time, I have already swung my sword.
Her glasses fell on the ground.

「This is your warning, Miss」

I was aiming for her glasses only. I could cut her apart if I felt like it, but I wanted to avoid doing that in front of the children.

「But, there won’t be a next ti――」
「Mimimimi, Miss!?」

For some reason, she was trembling because of that. Not because of my sword technique, but because of my words.

「Memememe, me!?」

She turned bright red. Why?

「M, Miss, you said!? Y, y, you, look here……」

I couldn’t understand her who was changing from being shocked and upset.

「Auauau, rerere, remember this!!」

The angered/shocked Silvilla flew off.


As I couldn’t comprehend, Pochi whispered from behind me.

「Weak, so weak, this little girl of 1,300 years of age……」
「She’s a hag」

The twins who got on Pochi’s back were nodding.

「She is a granny」
「Yeah. Her presence was that of a granny~」

So that is why Ilya called her granny? However, her appearances were that of a bewitching beauty.
The demons are terrifying.

「I thought Nii~chan was incredible」
「I thought so too」
「Eh, why?」
「I don’t know whether you really don’t know or you are merely not self-conscious, you bastard」


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