Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 19


I woke up to a nice smell. The twins were sleeping on both of my sides as usual and Pochi was kneeling on the ground slightly further away.
What is this, this situation?
At the fireplace, the beauty (of 1,300 advanced age) we have encountered before, Silvilla-san, was cooking.
Ahh, the nice smell is coming from that pot?

「…… Good morning?」

Why have I not noticed her before? That’s because there was no bloodthirst in her. Even as a Hero, I won’t be able to notice someone who erased their presence together with their bloodthirst.
The young yet attractive mature lady who successfully pulled off hiding her presence from me, a Brave Hero, was wearing an apron while stirring the pot in a good humor.

「Oh my, good morning」

She greeted me with a smile.

「Fufufu, how gentlemanly」
「Eh~…… ah~…… I’m sorry, I can’t understand the situation as I must still be half-asleep」

Why is she making a breakfast, this person?
Wasn’t she trying to have me hand over the twins forcibly just the other day?

「Hohoho. It’s really nothing」

Nonono. I shook my head.

「There has to be something, right? What are you doing?」

The twins were in my arms, so I wouldn’t be able to move if she attacked. Thinking that I could only run away while holding them under my arms, I looked at Pochi. He was still kneeling.
He has lost against Sivilla’s magical powers. Useless.

「I’m making breakfast」
「…… Yeah, I could see that. However, why?」
「Oh my, you want me to say it?」
「I’m sorry, I can’t comprehend, so please met me understand」

I had an extremely uncomfortable feeling, so I immediately replied.

「Don’t wanna~ I’d rather a breakfast made by Nii~chan than Baa~chan~」
「I am of the same opinion. I would prefer Onii~san’s cooking」

The twins who woke up rejected Sivilla’s breakfast. It smells quite nice, but because I didn’t know what ingredients she used, I also rejected.

「Oh my, why is that? I made it with my utmost effort. I wanted to let you eat it at the very least」

When she said that with a flirtatious glance, my face cramped. What is this? What kind of situation is this? How strange, I have no idea what is happening?

「That’s so sickening when a hag speaks like that」
「Lay until you get buried in the ground, whelp」

Pochi had a big slip of the tongue. However, that helped.

「No umm, I don’t want to put something I don’t know ingredients of in my mouth」
「Well, I crammed it with power? Things like Swamp Lizard, Lesser Demon, etc.」

I want to politely decline.

「Those things aren’t edible for humans」
「Eh, is that so!?」

The attractive mature lady was genuinely surprised. I’m glad I haven’t tasted it.

「Far from edible, it would kill me so I won’t eat it. Sorry」
「…… Humans are so fragile……」

Aren’t monsters just too durable? I wanted to retort, but I am no Emperor of Verbal Slips Pochi, so I won’t speak.
In the end, I have made the breakfast myself. Of course, the twins’ share too. Peeking at the movements of my hands, Sivilla was nodding to herself.

「Eat properly the next time, okay?」

While saying that, the attractive mature lady took off and disappeared.


At the feet of Yuuya who let out a sigh, Pochi was twitching after being forcibly fed what she made. The fragrant smell aside, the taste seemed to be something different.

「…… Now, shall we have a proper meal?」
「I…… might die……」

Pochi was groaning on the ground.

「It will be fine. You are tough after all」
「Try eating it yourself, you bastard…… that thing wasn’t a cooking! It was a deadly poison!!」
「Alright, you seem fine. We will clean up after eating and get on the move~」
「You fiendish hero!! Just what do you think I am!?」
「Shut up, mount」
「Mount, you are noisy」
「Ahh…… the King’s children are so splendid…… gufu」

There was no reply. Just Pochi being Pochi.


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