Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 20


What situation are we in right now?
My eyebrows wrinkled.
Last night, we arrived at a small town after a long time, and the children stayed at a human inn for the first time.
Of course, Pochi was sleeping outdoors outside the town.
Incredible, amazing, a human inn~! Smiling wryly at the frolicking twins, we had a meal (although I had to let the children be disrespectful and eat with their hats on because of their horns), went to our room and prepared to sleep.
I entered a bed by myself while letting the children use the other one that was next to mine.
Until then, all was well.
Late at night, it became unusually cold. While thinking what was this about, the twins entered my bed together.

「So cold~ Nii~chan, let’s sleep together~」
「It is cold」

They came while saying that, so I had no choice but to let them sleep together with me.
However, I fell asleep while thinking why it was so cold in this town that wasn’t even located in the northern province, and the morning came.
…… Why was there a beautiful frozen lady under my bed?

「…… Ilya?」

Raising up, I looked at the little girl sleeping on my arm.
The little girl who is the daughter of the Demon King uses magical powers instead of magic.
Her specialty is water, ice, and earth attributes.
The twin brother Iric is the complete opposite as he’s apparently good at fire and wind attributes.
…… The evidence of her doing was the rigid thing (completely frozen Sivilla) under my bed.

「…… Has she come during the night, I wonder…… but, why?」

And, why have I not noticed her?
Even though I would notice immediately did she have any hostility or bloodthirst.
The cause of the unusual cold was also most likely because of this frozen beauty.

「…… Just what did she come for in the middle of the night??」

The line『sneaking at night into man’s bedroom』never crossed the mind of the dull Yuuya.


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