Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 3


Anyhow, the clothes.
Bringing the Demon King’s children along, we escaped from the Demon King’s castle. Since the monsters around here already retreated, there were no difficulties.

「…… By the way, what are your names? Ah, I am Yuuya」
「I am Ilya」
「I’m Iric! Yuya Nii~chan, we will be in your care!」

They are such friendly children it’s hard to think they are monsters. Moreover, they are the Demon King’s children.
They are children of the heinous Demon King who aimed to conquer the world by massacring humans.

「…… Best regards」

With complex feelings, the Brave Hero Yuuya smiled wryly.

To get a change of clothes, going to a human habitat would be the best. We have to walk quite the distance. There are no humans who live in the vicinity of the Demon King’s castle. Even if I advance while considering the children’s stamina, I have only enough food for one person, so I will have to hunt a beast or something along the way.
There shouldn’t be a need to worry about the human habitat. The children should pass as human children just hiding their small horns with a cloth.
…… If the rest of their bodies are that of a human, that is.

After thinking such, Yuuya asked while furrowing.

「…… You guys, do you have a tail?」

If there’s a tail underneath their long robes, it would be difficult for them to wear ordinary human clothes.
The girl might still be able to manage with a long skirt, but the boy wouldn’t be able to do that without wearing a priest or magician robes.

The boy, Iric, shook his head.

「I don’t have one~」

The girl, Ilya, tilted her head.

「I do have a tail」

It seems that Ilya has a tail. I am glad it is the girl who has a tail, I smiled wryly.

「…… I see…… will you be all right with a skirt then, err, Ilya-chan? To conceal your tail」

Muttering, Yuuya’s face cramped.

…… A skirt……?
I am a man.
Will I be able to buy it……?

「Skirt…… a kind of human clothing, no? I am looking forward to it」

Yuuya’s shoulders dropped after hearing Ilya’s innocent laugh.

…… I will have to buy it……


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