Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 32.6

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「Oneesan, how long are you intending on tagging along?」

「How long you ask, what do you mean?」

「I mean just that. Onii~san has already reported about our Otou~san to the King. Onii~san is not a Hero anymore. Therefore, how long do you intend on tagging along?」

「…… T, that’s true…… isn’t it…… ye, errr, until Yuuysan gets used to raising children……?」

「Then, you are planning on being a parasite forever, Oneesan?」

「…… Could you please stop treating me like a parasite? Ilychan」

「I will stop if you leave Onii~san」

「………… Look here. I had this question since I have met you guys, but why are you and Iric-kun so attached to Yuuysan? Yuuysan is a Hero, you know? He is the enemy of your father the Demon King…… of you, the monsters, you know?」

「Onii~san is not our enemy」

「But, he’s a Hero, you know? To monsters, he is――」

「He is not. Onii~san is different」

「? What do you mean?」

「Oneesan does not have to know. Please, get away from us soon. Onii~san is the guardian of Iric and I」

「Ilychan, what do you mean by――」

「The meal is done~! Ilya, Aura, how far did you go~?」

「Yesss! I am coming right away, Onii~san」

「Wait…… ahh, she’s gone…… but, just now…… what did she mean by that……?」

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