Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 32

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The store was gloomy and the storekeeper’s looks were bad.
I will snatch your kids, he gave off such an impression.
Such hard-faced middle-aged man was staring at the twins.

「How cute you are~ n? How old are you, sonny, missy?」
「I’m four!」
「I am also four. We are twins」
「I see~ I see~, twins, huh! Truly adorable, oy! Your answers were also good, weren’t they? Would you like a candy? What flavor?」

…… He was fond of children. Humans can’t be judged by looks.

「Umm~ I would like to request you to realize my items」
「Oh~ leave it over there」
「No, I can’t do that. Take a look at it please」

Wryly smiling at the shopkeeper who was fully occupied by the children, I placed three tools at the counter.
I chose gorgeously glittering items with no magic effects. I was sure to choose things with high financial value.
Satisfied from giving the twins candies, the shopkeeper looked towards the items on the counter and nimbly raised one of his eyebrows.

「Hoo. These are of a value. What’s up with them, youngster. Did you steal them from someone?」

He obviously found them mismatched with my looks. It’s exactly what you thought.
They are originally the Demon King’s possessions after all.

「………… It’s not…… like I…… stole them……」

I got them from the Demon King’s treasury. They were apparently the children’s living expenses――I don’t think he would believe me.

「…… First of all, can I contact the authorities?」
「Nnn, no! Yuuya-san, why have you become so timid all of sudden!?」

Aura panicked. The twins who put away their candies in their pockets pulled on the shopkeeper’s sleeves.

「You are wrong, Uncle. This is what our Tou~chan gave Nii~chan to take care of us」
「Otou~san gave Onii~san those as our living expenses. Otou~san passed away from illness and entrusted us to Onii~san」

The shopkeeper said no more. The moment I thought he found it suspicious,

「Is that so? I see…… your touchan has died……」

He burst into tears. He seems to be a person who is easily moved to tears.

「Niisan, you have it hard even though you are so young…… to have to take care of such small children at such age…… I see, I see…… uh-huh, I get it. I get it」

He seemed to be consenting of something, but I have no idea what that is.
I decided to wait for the appraisal while not understanding.

「…… He was a good person, wasn’t he?」
「Yea, he was……」

After leaving the store behind, our economic conditions became warmer.
The shopkeeper was a good person. It was given since the Demon King’s treasures were valuable, but we got more money than I have expected.
But, I was troubled when he misunderstood Aura and I as a young married couple.
I was sweating when he didn’t believe me he misunderstood and told the twins「Think of this Niisan and Neesan as parents and do your best」.
When I refuted in panic, Aura for some reason glared at me while the twins looked satisfied.
By the way, Pochi is house-sitting at the inn. He entered the town under the pretext of a finely disciplined pet, but I made sure to caution him about not loitering around the town. Pochi ignored me without complaining.

「Nii~chan, are we be able to eat something good now?」
「Yeah, we are」
「I want to eat vegetables」
「I want meat~」

I walked towards the inn while holding the hands of the twins who were in a good mood.

「…… You didn’t have to deny so desperately……」

Aura was muttering something, but I didn’t hear her well.

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