Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 35

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Sivilla who did not come for a while had turned up.
In an apron, for some reason.

「Long time no see, Boy. Were you lonely during the time we did not see each other?」
「Eh? Why do you ask?」
「It must have been hard for you. I was so lonely I couldn’t endure, you know?」

She said with a sidelong glance. I tiled my head in puzzlement.
Why was I missed by a monster? I can’t comprehend.

Sivilla laughed thinly at Yuuya who clearly did not understand.

「Oh well. That is one of your charms. By the way, I have been practicing, eat up」

She said as she presented a pot. It was steaming, with an appetizing fragrance.

「Eh? You have cooked?」

Instantly, the dish she cooked the last time flashed across my mind. Dishes cooked by monsters aren’t something humans can eat. Depending on the ingredients, it might be inedible.

「That’s right. It’s homemade. This time, I properly made it with ingredients edible for humans」

Aura took a daunting pose against the smiling Sivilla.

「My Succubus-san, what business do you have with us? Ufufu, are those contents of the pot for Yuuya-san, by any chance? Do you think he would eat something made by a monster?」
「Hohohoho, you have appeared, Lass. Even though you are sticking to him despite being a good-for-nothing. A good-for-nothing that cannot cook, do laundry, or earn money should not act so self-important」

Why? I wonder. I feel like I was in the middle of a blizzard.

「Yes. I certainly cannot cook, do laundry or earn income! But you see, I am teaching the twins letters now! I am the twins’ teacher!」
「What did you say!? Just when did you grasp the hearts of the two so much, you good-for-nothing lass!」
「No, she did not. This Oneesan only sticks with us when Onii~san is teaching us the letters」
「No way she does. Neechan just happens to be there while Nii~chan is teaching us」

I felt like I was in the middle of a storm. I wonder why?

「Fu, both Lass and the Succubus granny should know your places」

Pochi let out his usual words and the atmosphere became somewhat unrest.

「Err, Sivilla-san?」
「Yesss, what is it?」

I asked Sivilla who turned towards me with a lively voice.

「This might be an abrupt question, but what ingredients did you use?」
「I stewed a cow. You like meat, don’t you? You are a young man after all」
「Haah. Well, I do. So, what did you season it with?」
「With wine. It’s fine, I have used only ingredients that humans are safe to eat」
「…… By yourself?」
「Yes. I have seduced a human chef and had him teach me」

She seduced him. Should I be saying as expected of a Succubus here? She said it with a wonderful smile.

「Where was the cow from?」
「Eh? Aren’t they walking nearby? The ones on the humans’…… farms, was it?」
「…… Did you steal it……?」
「No. It was given to me, fufufu」

She swindled it. I pondered while furrowing my eyebrows.

「Umm, Sivilla-san」
「I appreciate your effort, but I cannot accept it this time. Please pay an appropriate price for the cow and the chef who cooperated with you. I will try it then」
「…… I understand!」

Sivilla disappeared on the spot.

「Yuuya-san! Are you serious!? It’s a monster’s cooking, you know!? Far from ruining your stomach, what are you going to do if you change into a monster!?」
「Nii~chan, you might die if you eat Baa~chan’s cooking, ya know!?」
「Onii~san, I think it is still too early for you to go to Okaa~san’s place」

I smiled at Aura and the children who were worried about me.

「She was trying her best. It’s the feelings that count, so she would be pitiful if I cruelly declined」

Aura and the children said no more. They seemed to want to say something back, but I wonder what that was?

Seeing Yuuya tilt his head to the side, Pochi muttered.

「…… You are a big catch in a sense, you bastard……」

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