Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 36


The meal Sivilla made was unexpectedly tasty.
In comparison to Sivilla whose good mood returned, the moods of the twins and Aura took a nose dive.

After that, Aura seemed to come to a decision of some kind.

「I am seriously unwilling! As if I would lose to a monster! Yuuya-san! Leave the meal preparations to me! I will make the dinner tonight!」
「Eh. Even though you said that you are inexperienced with cooking outdoors? Will you be fine?」
「…… Yes!」

Inquired by Yuuya, her lack of self-confidence appeared in her silence. Still, Aura replied rashly. Yuuya smiled at her.

If Aura will be cooking then I should draw the water. I could sharpen my sword on the occasion too.

「I see. Then, I will leave it to you」


「Woman. You have no talent. Give up」

Pochi asserted immediately just after taking a look. The inside of the pot has already turned into a different world.

「Is this what humans eat?」
「Ilya, that’s not it~ I know that this is! This is called charcoal!」

The twins had no mercy whatsoever.

「I, it only looks bad! If you try it, it will be surely, probably, delicious…… maybe」

Judging by her weak words, she had no confidence herself.

「Looks? Did you just say only the looks, woman? Don’t make me laugh! The smell is bitter! Astringent! If this is edible, then the meals the fiendish Hero makes is the royal cuisine! Rather, this is definitely a poison!! Even I would die from eating just a mouthful!!」
「If you are speaking so ill of it, please give it a try, Pochi」
「I don’t want to die instantly. I reje-」

And so, Aura thrust a heap of black stuff on a spoon into Pochi’s mouth.


…… Pochi stopped moving.

「Ah, Pochi. Incredible~ Pochi stopped moving! Neechan’s cooking is soooooo frightening!!」
「First of all, let’s get rid of the body. It will smell once it starts rotting」
「Nononono, he’s not dead, okay! He’s not dead! Probably, surely, not dead, maybe……」
「Nii~chaa~n!!! Neechan killed Pochi-!!」
「Did you hate our mount Pochi that much? You are cruel Oneesan. Onii~saa~n!! Oneesan is heartless-!!」
「Ththth, that’s not it-!! You’ve got it wrong-!!」

It seems to be lively on the other side. Are they starting to get along, I wonder? That would be nice, I thought while sharpening my sword alone.


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