Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 37


A couple under the starry sky.
A quiet night with stars and a moon that gives off a romantic atmosphere is the best time for a couple to deepen their relationship.

…… Normally.

「Oneesan’s cooking is lethal. No way. Unreasonable. Not possible. The worst on the land」
「You have no talent. You better give up. Pochi died too」
「I have not died yet, Prince」
「…… That’s not true, right Pochi? You have not died, right?」
「Don’t approach me while holding a spoon, woman. I will devour you if you approach」

I smiled wryly at Aura after hitting the back of the neck of Pochi who was baring his fangs with the scabbard of my sword.

「Aura, I should make the meal after all」

I somehow understood the situation from the scent only. I have heard that Aura who has spent her youth with research and development had never done housework before. I also heard her say that she didn’t have to do it because her elder brother did it.
Later, I heard that it was schemed by her elder brother’s so she couldn’t become a bride, but I haven’t told that to Aura. It seemed like it would cause a rift between the siblings after all.
Because I knew of her circumstances, I did not expect anything from the start.

「Eh, eh, but, umm」
「We don’t have ingredients to waste」
「Ugh, ah, err」
「Watch the fire please」
「………… Yes」

Aura went to watch the fire with her shoulders dropped. Did I say something wrong or something that would make her feel bad? Girls’ feelings are difficult.

「Onii~san, good job」
「Nii~chan, that was amazing~」
「?? What was?」
「It is nothing. Onii~san, I will help you. Please, teach me how to cook」
「Me too, me too!」

The twins were somewhat cheerful. I also don’t understand children’s feeling quite well.

「Umumu…… you really are a fiend. Your denseness is also quite a thing」
「I don’t quite understand, but I feel that not understanding your words might be a good idea」

Pochi is not worth worrying about.
After making the dinner and finishing eating, I spoke to Aura.

「Aura, it’s fine」
「…… What is?」
「Your cooking seems to have a superb effect on monsters. Pochi did collapse, right? Don’t you think it’s amazing, being able to bring down the tough Pochi? Can’t you use it for research of some kind?」

I intended to praise her, but Aura turned towards the twins with a bright red face.

「………… Ilya-chan, Iric-kun, you told Yuuya-san, didn’t you-!?」
「We did, so what?」
「I mean, it’s the truth though」

Hearing the nonchalant twins, Aura suppressed something as her body trembled. Is she angry?
Just as I was about to get worried because Aura kept trembling for quite a while, she called out to me.

「Y, yeah?」
「I will study cooking!!」
「Not the cooking that repels monsters!! That’s right, as if I would lose…… even that succubus is able to do it, so……!」

Her anger seemed to have transformed into enthusiasm.
I don’t know how I should cope with that. Girls’ feelings are impossible to understand.

「Err…… well, umm, do your best?」
「Eh, you are going to cheer her on, Nii~chan!?」
「Onii~san…… that is dangerous, you know?」

The twins seemed to be seriously worried.
I have no idea what they are worried about.

「That’s right…… we travel together so much, even though we are together even at nights, the reason we made no progress at all is because Yuuya-san is beyond dense……!! If I don’t make the move, he will definitely not notice me!!」


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