Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 38


I wrote a letter to my family.
The twins learned the letters too, so we wrote together.

「We are currently looking for a place to live. I am searching slowly since I am accompanied by the children. The twins are really good children. I’m having no troubles whatsoever. Our company increased by a tutor and a pet too, so it’s very lively over here. There’s no need to worry. Everyone is doing fine. Are you doing well over there too? Please tell Niisan and others that I’m sending my greetings. Then, later.

PS: The children had learned letters, so they wanted to write you something as well. Since there’s an occasion, I have enclosed their letters too」

「Onii~san is kind. He is a Hero. He is very reliable. But, dense. That is what is so amusing about him. I would like us to be together forever, so please treat me kindly」

「Nii~chan is funny. I might like him more than my Tou~chan. It’s fun being with Nii~chan, so best regards in all ways possible~」

「What did you write?」

「It is a secret」


The children have not told me what they wrote. Things like that are fun too, so I decided to enclose them in the envelope like that.

Putting the three pieces of paper into the envelope, I entrusted them to the delivery man.

I intend to write a letter again once we find a place to live in.

Having the family increase is a wonderful thing, I thought.

…… I still have no wife though.


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