Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 4


Starting from the death from illness of the Demon King, the Brave Hero Yuuya and Demon King’s children Iric and Ilya had many difficulties in store on their journey.
In order to obtain a change of clothes for the children, they set off towards a human habitat…… the sun has set.
It would take a few more days to reach a human town.
Yuuya would be fine if he was alone, but he’s with the children. The difference in their length of steps was just too large.

「Nii~chan, I’m tired~」
「Oniisan, my feet hurt」
「Yes, yes. Shall we rest for a bit?」

Repeating such an exchange a several times, the sunset arrived at last. Yuuya was mentally fatigued. Looking after children was more difficult than he thought.

「Nii~chan, I’m hungry. Let’s eat~」

「Eh, ahh…… right……」

Having his sleeve pulled on by Iric, he finally noticed.

「You guys, what kind of meals were you eating normally?」

Although they are small, they are the Demon King’s children. If there’s any chance that they have been eating humans, I wouldn’t know how to take care of them anymore.


Iric insisted on meat, while Ilya similarly insisted on vegetables.

「Eh? …… Erm…… in other words, you ate ordinary dishes?」
「I don’t understand quite well, but meat~」
「Dishes? I like vegetables」

The preferences of the twins seem to be extreme……Yuuya stopped worrying. In the first place, he has no other options anyway.

「Ah~ well, I also have only five days worth of preserved food, so we have to go hunting」
「Hunting, is it?」
「Yes. Also, we will go into the forest and search for fruits, plants and other edible-looking things」

Local procurement. This is the only option to procure food for this number of people. It’s fortunate that I have brought a larger amount of seasonings with me.
The vicinity around here is not a place where humans go hunting, so there’s abundant of game. We should be able to find fruit immediately after entering the forest. The problem would be the location of the monsters. This wouldn’t be a problem if I was alone, but……

「I’m going to hunt!」
「I will go gathering」

I could only smile wryly at the children who raised their hands vigorously. No matter if they are monsters, they are still just children. I won’t be able to protect them from monsters if they move separately. I believe that warding off the monsters with fire and leaving the children in the camp would be safer.

「Nono, I will hunt and gather by myself. We don’t know what’s in there…… let’s see, I will have to ask you to gather firewood. That’s picking up dry branches of trees. Ah, make sure to not go too far」

The twins have begun to look around for pieces of wood right after giving their replies.
How obedient. Are they really monsters?

「That’s enough for starters. I just want to lit the fire」

A little while later, they have gathered enough wood to start a fire.

「Nii~chan, are you going to start the fire now?」
「Yes, that’s right」
「I can do it!」

A fire started right before Yuuya who was about to take out a tinderbox.

「It’s done!」

Stiffening while looking at the proud Iric, Yuuya tilted his head in puzzlement.

「…… Ah, you guys, you are able to use magic……?」
「No idea about magic~ but, I’m good with fire~ and also wind~」
「I am good with ice and water. And also earth a bit」

As expected of the Demon King’s children. He has done this without a chant. I have forgotten because their speech and conduct are that of ordinary children, but they are the Demon King’s children.

「Amazing~? Am I not amazing~? Nii~chan」
「Ahh…… yes. Amazing, incredible」

When I patted his head, Iric giggled bashfully. Does having a little brother feel like this?

「Oniisan, I can put out the fire. Please let me know if you want to put it out」
「Eh, ahh, yes. Thank you」

Ilya was delighted when I patted her head as well. Does having a little sister feel like this?
…… I feel like I’m deceiving them in various ways, but children are cute, aren’t they?

「By the way, are you guys not afraid of fire?」
「Not really」
「Not at all」
「…… Okay then……」

The fire might not keep the monsters away.


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