Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 40


Before asking for a doctor and buying the candies for the children, Yuuya met with soldiers.
These former colleagues of his were looking for him.

「Eh, why?」
「You went to the Demon King’s castle, right? There was a huge ruckus the other day when the scouts sent to the Demon King’s castle returned. And so, His Majesty seems to have something to ask of you」
「I’m glad we found you. We had no idea where you went, so soldiers were sent to every nearby town」

A considerable amount of people were apparently looking for Yuuya.

「Did something important occur?」

Why are we talking about that again? I have reported to His Majesty, so my duty should have been fulfilled. Even if he didn’t believe me.

「Yes. The Demon King was not found and the movements of the monsters have become way too calm. Say, did the Demon King really die?」
「I believe he did」

Yuuya smiled wryly at the words of Soldier A. Something he told Aura in the past flashed across his mind.
Did the Demon King really die?

「Well, but, it’s not like I have confirmed his death…… it’s not like I have buried him either…… I did lay him down in a bedroom like place, however」

I wasn’t able to leave his body like that in front of the children, so I asked the twins and brought the Demon King’s body to his private room. But, that does not mean I have confirmed his heartbeat. Rather, after hearing the voice of his wife, I think the Demon King really did die.

I also think that I shouldn’t tell others that his wife is the incarnation of death.

「Then, did you really defeat him?」
「No, he died from illness. I have not done anything. He was already on his last breath when I managed to arrive at the throne room」
「…… Seriously?」
「Really. I did report to His Majesty such」

I have not reported that the children were left in my care though. Rather, he wouldn’t believe me. He thought they were my children. Why?

「Hmm…… anyhow, won’t you return with us? His Majesty wishes to hear your story one more time in full detail」
「Well, I am hesitant about that…… ah, I can’t. My company is ill right now. Departing immediately would not be possible」

I explained.

「Company? Ahh, your children? That is terrible. Children do get fevers immediately」
「That’s not it!」

Soldier B was surprised when I denied.

「Ah, not the children, but the wife, huh! Eh, is she expecting next child!?」
「That’s also not it!!」

The root of the misunderstanding is wrong in the first place. Aura is not my wife and the children are not mine.
Just thinking about unsolving the misunderstandings from now on makes my head hurt.
I think I want to lie down like Aura.

「…… Anyhow, the girl who is accompanying us is ill. Therefore, could you ask His Majesty if it would be possible to postpone our meeting for a little more? I will definitely go see him once she recovers」
「Got it. We shall tell him that. Take care of your wife~」
「I’m telling you she’s not……」

I want to sleep.


「What. His wife is ill? We cannot force him then. He should take care of his wife and children properly. Children are especially treasures. Umu, umu. Convey to him that We will hear his story once he takes care of everything. The report is not urgent. A pregnant woman shouldn’t push herself」


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