Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 41


Hearing that the King was looking for Yuuya, Aura was surprised.

「That’s…… umm, Yuuya-san, it would be better if you did not return back to the Capital」
「? Why?」
「I mean…… I cannot think of a better way」

Yuuya found Aura’s uneasiness strange.

「Why? His Majesty just wants to hear the story in detail, I think」
「It’s the problem of those details, no? I mean, you have taken the children of the Demon King in your care…… wouldn’t execution be the worst case scenario?」

Aura was worried from the bottom of her heart.

「You think so? Though they are the descendants of the Demon King, they are this obedient and cute」
「………… It’s only you who feels that way, Yuuya-san」
「You really think so?」

Even though they are Demon King’s descendants, they are just adorable children to me. They are very smart, and although they have strong magical powers, I think they are very obedient, good children. I wish to bring them up this obedient, not as the successors of the Demon King, but honest people…… honest monsters.

「It will be fine. Onii~san will protect us」
「It’s fine! Nii~chan will protect Ilya and I!」

The twins declared so strongly as they each grasped my hands. Their little hands are cute. I think that I want to protect these children just as much as I wanted to defeat the Demon King to bring peace to the world.

「Prince, Princess, it’s better to kill humans as foolish as this Hero with your own hands」

A pillar of fire rose within the room. I knocked on Iric’s forehead.

「Iric. You mustn’t use fire inside the room. You would bother other people if the fire spread and we would have to compensate for the damage」
「Yea, I know! That’s why I burnt just Pochi!」

I see. Looking carefully, there’s no sight of burnt on the floor or walls. Magnificent. It seems that he can control his power properly. It’s thanks to Pochi. He exercises his powers on Pochi several times a day, so it seems that his control improved considerably.

「You have become quite skillful. But, you better not use fire indoors, okay?」
「Hmm~ Okay, I got it! I will cut him up with wind indoors!」

He understood me in his own way. Education is difficult, isn’t it?

「…… No, ermm…… his fur would fall off and he would bleed, so it would be troublesome to clean, right?」
「Ah~ I see~ Then, I will bully Pochi in a different way!」
「………… N~…… how regrettable. I wanted you to say『I won’t bully Pochi too much from now on』there」

Ilya whispered something to Iric who complained.

「(Iric, say you won’t bully him. You should be all right if you say “Probably” after that)」
「………… I got it! Nii~chan! I won’t bully Pochi too much! (Probably)」
「I see. Thank you」

The pile of charcoal glanced at Yuuya who didn’t hear the end of Iric’s sentence at all as he patted Iric’s head.

「Bastard…… cheating Prince so skillfully…… you fiendish Hero……」

Looking at him, he will probably completely revive in a few. Pochi’s voice revives particularly fast.
What a meaninglessly polished skill.

「Well, anyhow, we will return to the Capital once you get better, Aura. It’s fine, there won’t be anything to worry about」
「It would be nice if that was the case……」


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