Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 45

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The second day after Yuuya started living at the castle. The second problem arose.
The King fell for Sivilla who came to visit Yuuya.

This country has quite a few problems, doesn’t it? The Demon King is responsible for most of it, but in fact, the high-ups of this human country are quite eccentric.
The father and daughter pair argued in front of me.

「My~ I won’t accept it!! To be captivated by a woman of the same age as your daughter!?」
「We don’t want to hear that from you. Look here, it has been ten years since the late Queen departed, We are getting lonely by now! You are of a marriageable age already, quickly settle down on a husband and let Us retire. We shall court that woman and live happily in retirement」
「I don’t care about your retirement! Rather, hand me over the throne already! I will use my authority to gather the men from all around the world!」
「We do think that such a harem is a good idea」

Harem…… I feel like I have heard something similar from somewhere.
Just how do I explain to His Majesty whose eyes are totally in love.
The cause of all of this is when His Majesty witnessed Sivilla who brought me her home cooking to eat.
After that, he pestered me to introduce her to him. Sivilla was chased away by Iric and Ilya, but she will surely come again. Without caring about the royal castle’s defenses.
For the time being, I introduced her as the twins’ acquaintance and told him that I don’t know much about her, but that will work only for a while.
Moreover, Sivilla is a monster. Even if she looks young, I heard her actual age is quite old.
The love may cover the age difference, but the other party is a monster.
The twins who stood on both of my sides clapped on my back while I was feeling troubled.

「What a good idea. That Obaasan should just stick to the King」
「Yeah! Baachan should just become the King’s wife! She wouldn’t make passes at Niichan then!」
「That is correct, Iric」
「Alright, Niichan! Let’s introduce Baachan to the King!」

What a good idea! I smiled wryly at the twins whose eyes were sparkling.

「How do I go about introducing her? Err, Sivilla-san was a succubus, no? Wouldn’t he suspect a woman that never grows old?」
「We just have to say that she is child-faced」
「Why don’t we say she was cursed and cannot grow old?」

The twins immediately came up with solutions.

「That’s true」

Even Aura was nodding. Yuuya didn’t notice that Aura’s eyes were saying: “Anything as long as I can get rid of that woman”.

「No, if Sivilla-san’s origin gets exposed by any chance, then Iric and Ilya’s origin would came to light as well. I would like to end this as amicably as possible」

Someway or another, Yuuya’s worries absurdly came to an end.

「Marry Us, please」
「We fell for you. We will treat you preciously, so marry Us, please. Let’s find happiness together」

To the contrary of the expectations, Sivilla wasn’t annoying by the proposal at all…… rather, the straightforward her was coming over to not see Yuuya but the King himself after he proposed three times to her.

「I am a monster though, are you all right with that?」
「A monster! …… Are those not your real appearances then?」
「No. I am a monster that cannot shapeshift」
「Then, it’s fine. Having a wife that never grows old is a man’s romance!! Once again, please marry Us!」
「I shall accept. A younger one after a while…… ufufu♪」

The succubus nodded to the King who was proposing from the bottom of his heart.

「…… Something’s wrong…… I feel that something is seriously wrong……」

The princess clapped on the shoulder of Yuuya who was groaning.

「Otousama is an oddball. You have introduced a female monster to him, so take a responsibility and make the boy my husband」
「I will refuse. Rather, are you fine with this, Princess? Being the Queen means being your stepmother, no?」
「I don’t mind. Really」

She doesn’t mind? Even the ministers are at their wits’ end, you know? Is this really fine?

「I don’t mind. Hohoho. If the other party was a bad person, Otousama wouldn’t court her, you know?」

The princess said with a full confidence.
Her confidence was that of a daughter who believed in her father.

Several days later after the marriage, I heard that Sivilla summoned a minister of finances and harshly scolded him.

「She scolded him?」

Aura nodded to the surprised me.

「Apparently, she did. I am told she scolded him about wasting the national expenditures here and there」
「…… Haah~……」

Apparently, she was cut for national politics quite a lot. She looked like the serious kind of a monster, but that wasn’t only her outward appearances, huh.
No, however, I remember Pochi saying something about her ruining a country though.
Is this really fine?
Wouldn’t it be better to exterminate Sivilla just in case?
I groaned.
What do I do?
――It’s not like any harm was caused. For the time being, let’s leave it.

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