Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 6


As I thought, we have to sleep outdoors.
I’m accompanied by children, so it can’t be helped that we couldn’t travel a long distance. Looking at the Demon King’s children joy from sleeping outdoors, I could only smile wryly.

「Nii~chan, how does one sleep outdoors?」
「It’s nothing special. You lit the fire, wrap yourself in a blanket to avoid getting cold, and sleep while vigilant of the monsters」
「Is thatso~? Sounds boring~」

Just what was he expecting? A pillow fight? We have no pillows, so that’s not possible.

「It’s fine being boring. You just sleep normally. Now then, let’s collect firewood and lit the fire」

At that moment, the twins began to run around, picking up pieces of wood. They seem to be having fun collecting. Just what kind of life did they lead in the Demon King’s castle? If the Demon King who died from illness gets revived, I would like to inquire about this in detail. Though it’s a mystery whether he can revive or not.
If he revives by any chance, I will hit straight away. I will hit him so hard. That’s what I decided on.

「Oniisan, may I get a little bit closer to you?」

When the night grew late, Ilya who was wrapped in a blanket together with Iric spoke to me.

「? What’s the matter?」
「…… I am scared a little. I have never left the castle, so being outside is scary. I am not scared of the monsters. But, there are only things I do not understand around, so I find outside scary」

She said with a troubled expression.

「I’m scared too」

Iric popped his head out of the blanket.

「Nii~chan, can we go over there?」

Even the Demon King’s children are children in the end.

「Sure. Come, you two」

Finding the twins cute, Yuuya wrapped his blanket around the children. The Demon King’s children clung to Yuuya’s body while watching the surroundings. They must find the darkness of the night scary.

「Everything’s all right. I will protect you」
「…… Nii~chan, you are a Hero after all」
「Oniisan, you are a Hero」
「That’s right. That’s why, I will protect you」
「Ehehe, thank ye」
「Thank you, Oniisan」

…… Late at night. A shadow crept towards the three sleeping people. Yuuya who noticed its presence opened his eyes. Separating his body from the twins, he grasped the handle of his sword…… but, he did not draw the sword in the end.
That’s because the presence disappeared.


He thought of investigating what has just occurred, but the twins were fumbling for his clothes, so he let out a bitter smile and gave up.


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