Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 7


Morning. We had a breakfast after tidying up the camp.
The Demon King’s children were obedient and properly helped with the tidying up.

「You guys are good children」
「Good? Am I a good child?」
「Are we, really? Will we become splendid Demon Kings?」
「…… No, I think it would be better if you didn’t aim to become Demon Kings」

Thinking back upon the Demon King’s inconvenient last request, I thought of hitting him when he revives.

「Eh~ but Tou~chan was so cool」
「Cool, huh…… but, he caused many troubles for many people……」

How should I say this? I don’t want to say something cruel to the children, but Demon King’s way of doing things was atrocious. He has ruined two countries. How many villages have perished because of monster assault?

「Troubles? What did Tou~chan do? Was wanting to conquer the world a bad thing?」

Yuuya was stunned.

「Otousan said it was a man’s dream. Was that a bad thing?」

Demon King, revive right away. I will beat you up so hard.

「…… A bad thing, you ask…… you must not cause trouble for other people」
「Is harem a trouble?」
「…… First of all, doing things without hearing people’s opinions first would be causing troubles……」

You were aiming for something like that, Demon King? No wonder your wife separated from you. I don’t know what kind of person (monster?) she is though.
However, Madam. You were supposed to take your children with you. Wasn’t it heartless of you to leave children this obedient to a stupid Demon King who aimed for a harem?
I wonder what kind of person was the Demon King’s wife. I would like to meet and lecture her at least once. Don’t leave the children behind.

「Is that so? Is a harem not a good thing? Otou~san, do not be like that」

Ilya’s cute face pouted.

「So it’s not a good thing~ Even though I thought of trying it when I become a Demon King~」

Hearing Iric’s words, Yuuya could only shake his head.

「No, no, no! You mustn’t imitate him! …… W, we should go soon」

I can’t let these obedient children become the second and third Demon Kings.

The children naturally joined hands with Yuuya.
Their small hands were tender and frail.

I ought to protect them.

「Nii~chan, what does Demon King do? I have asked Tou~chan but he has not answered me」
「…… I think you would be better off not knowing」
「Why is that? Otousan seemed to have fun. Is being a Demon King not a fun thing?」
「…… I don’t think it’s all that fun……」

Demon King, revive right this instant. I don’t know how many times I thought about this since yesterday, but I will hit you hard.

Yuuya walked while thinking about how to change the subject.
He was also vigilant of last night’s presence.


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