Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 9


「Hand over Prince and Princess!!」
「Where did that come from, out of nowhere!?」
「What do you mean out of nowhere’!? I have tried approaching you several times already!!」

…… The evening of the next day, a monster attacked me while gathering firewood. Fortunately, the children were separated a little from me, so I drew my sword, thinking that they wouldn’t get involved.
So it was his presence I felt the last night? That presence that faded away.
It was a beast-type monster with four legs. When I warily brandished my sword, the monster continued talking.

「Brave Hero Yuuya! Hand over Prince and Princess to me!」
「What for?」
「Why are you asking, wouldn’t you understand if you thought about it a little! Hand them over to me!」
「What for?」
「You, think a little about it!」

The monster said. I got a little bit angry. In fact, there was no need to think about it. I just wanted to tease him a bit. Once the Demon King’s children fall into this beast monster’s hands, his position would surely raise. There’s a possibility that he aims to become the next generation Demon King.
A monster succession race, huh. Humans and monsters are no different in that aspect.

「Are you intending to involve those children in a struggle for power?」
「You realized? You seem to have some wisdom for a human」

…… I feel like I’m being taken for a fool quite a bit.

「It doesn’t matter, I don’t admire your thoughts of involving the children in the dispute. I was the one who the Demon King asked to take care of his children. I will bring the children up as respectable monsters myself!」
「I don’t understand what you mean by respectable monsters」

I was retorted by a monster. I don’t intend on having a comic dialogue though.

「Prince and Princess are Demon King’s direct descendants! I won’t leave them in the hands of a human!!」
「Demon King entrusted them to me! Did you think he would entrust them to you! You, the fellows that can’t be trusted!」
「Nuwaa…… po, pointing out the unnecessary!」

It appears that I was right on the mark. Demon King, did you actually have no trusted aides? Or, did I defeat them earlier?
While feeling sympathy for the Demon King, I noticed a presence. The children were returning. Not good.

「There is no way a human could raise monsters! You won’t be able to control them and kill them before long! At any rate, you are a human who came to murder their Father the Demon King! I have no doubts that you will kill Prince and Princess without showing any mercy!」
「Don’t decide that on your own! I won’t do anything like that!」

The monsters gradually closed the distance. I have to settle this before the children return.
…… The moment I thought so, voices reached my ears.

「Ah-! Nii~chan is being assaulted!!」
「Get away from Onii~san, you strange monster!」

Simultaneously, the monster before me got engulfed by a fire while icicles fell at him from above. The fire was Iric’s, while the icicles were Ilya’s doing.


The screaming monster started rolling on the ground. The children ran up to me and spread their arms as if to protect me. Demon King’s children protecting the Brave Hero. Something is wrong here.

「Ah, no, errr, it wasn’t like I was assaulted or anything though」
「Eh, but ain’t this a weird monster? Nii~chan is a human, so it surely thought of eating Nii~chan up. Have to chase it away」
「Indeed. You would be in trouble if it started eating you, Onii~san. It would hurt very much」
「You have it wrooooong!! I was just trying to take the guardianship of Prince and Princess!!!」

The tattered monster shouted.

「Why? The one we were entrusted to was Nii~chan, ya know?」
「Why is that? Our guardian is Onii~san. Not you」

The children delivered a killing blow.

「Leave at once」
「Shoo, shoo」

No mercy. The way they treated a fellow monster was too terrible.

「Ahh…… you are the same as Demon King-sama in that aspect…… you have such cute faces yet you are so merciless…… wonderful」

The monster was entranced while burning. A pervert. Yuuya immediately passed the judgment.

「Disappear, you pervert!」

I swung my sword with all of my might. The shock wave released from my sword has blown the monster away.

「You bastaaaaard, you betteeer remeeembeeer thisssss~~」

The pervert disappeared beyond the horizon.
The Brave Hero thought that he has to protect the Demon King’s children once again.


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