Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 10

I am not a Mad Dog


Haa…… what a luck.
We, the『Bare Knuckle』, who received a personal request from the Feudal Lord of Registeria are walking towards the Demon Lord’s dwelling with heavy steps.
To defeat Demon Lord, we are clearly being overestimated.
Even though we are at the top in terms of competence, Demon Lord is far above the magic beasts.

In the first place, even if people call us『Fangs of the Mad Dog』, it’s because of a disease we caught in the middle of a request.
The symptoms of this disease cause us to drool while gritting our teeth from pain.
I don’t know who started calling us like that, but our euphonic nickname spread throughout the entire nation.
It’s a huge exaggeration, no rather, an exaggeration materialized, a groundless rumor.

Reducing several villages to the ground, abducting numerous women and children, outrageous evil rumors about us keep on surfacing.
I swear we haven’t done anything like that.
Our relationship with the people of the town deteriorated to a degree that my best friend Carl and I were dumped by a hostess.
The rumors surely gave birth to other rumors and no one is aware of the truth anymore.

As the result, the one who got this semi-forced subjugation request was us.
The man who was entrusted with the job of guiding us is also doubtful of our strangely slow progress.
It might be only natural as we stall for time by going to toilet and eating.

「Sorry, gotta pee」
「Again? It’s already the eight time, you know?」
「We are famous for having weak bladders. Then, everyone, assemble!」

While glared with scornful eyes by our guide, we went to a slightly further place.
The heavy warrior Carl and magician Cus came over with a slight delay.

「Alright, we gathered safely」
「It’s not safe though. It turned out that even a woman like me had to go for the toilet date」
「Don’t say something unlucky in face of a crisis」
「Wha! Isn’t it you who is responsible for undertaking the request!」
「Then you, would you be able to refuse in front of that man? Wasn’t it you who was so scared that you couldn’t utter a single word?」
「That’s, right but……」

There’s the matter of the Feudal Lord being scary, but the story isn’t that simple.
We don’t know what retribution would we face in case we fail.
That fellow has a lot of influence in the country and we would most likely lose a place to stay.
If things don’t go well, we might not be able to be active even in the allied country of Grannia.
If it turns out like that, it would be impossible for us to live on this continent.

「Well, well, shouldn’t we first take a look? We may be unexpectedly able to negotiate, you know?」
「Haa, why are you so carefree, Carl. Is your brain clogged up?」
「It’s all about guts. We can’t escape after coming this far, right?」
「That’s true, that’s true but I feel irritated」

We have discussed for a while after that, but couldn’t come up with a plan.
Time will probably not permit us a further consultation.
We returned back to the original place.

「That was quite a long toilet break, wasn’t it? An hour has already passed, you know?」
「Sorry ’bout that, yesterday’s liquor came out」
「Well, it’s fine as long as you successfully complete the subjugation」
「I got it, we going」

It’s impossible to delay any longer.
As Carl said, I can only strengthen my resolve and prepare for the worst.
After that, we had to do it on the spot.

After advancing for a while, the guide called out to us.

「It’s in the sight, Demon Lord lives around here」
「Yeah, that is-?」

What we saw there was just a poor-looking man and a still young child.


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