Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 12

Demon Lord's Bag Full of Wisdom


A sudden tea party was held in my house.
The guests are the three adventurers who came a while ago.
What kind of tea party allows being armed to the teeth?
No need to ask, I can figure it out just by looking at their faces.

「So, what do you guys want to do?」
「We were ordered by the Feudal Lord to subdue the Fertile Forest. Regrettably, we couldn’t decline」
「I see. Well, I have no intentions of surrendering, see?」
「I know. But, you will be either killed or will be a marked as a runaway criminal」

Somehow, the adventurers have it difficult too.
It appears like a popular job with brilliant income from all the rumors and heroic tales, but the reality doesn’t seem to be that sweet.

「Then, how about spreading rumors of my death?」
「That…… probably won’t work. That pig Feudal Lord is tenacious. He’s bound to follow-up after it gets exposed」
「Then, you have to convince the Feudal Lord while failing splendidly?」
「Something like that. I believe that it’s selfish of us, but could it be somehow managed?」

There’s no way that such a good story could exist, right?
Just when I thought about turning them away, Rita spoke up.

「It’s not impossible, we can deceive him if we do it well」
「R, really!?」
「First, I will have to cast an illusionary spell on the three of you……」
「Hmm, hmm」

Our bag full of wisdom has a sinister design.
Her usual indifferent smile looks conversely scary.
Having decided on the arrangements, Rita started the preparations.
When I asked the whole picture of the strategy, my role was decided as a matter of course.

「Wha, are we really doing it?」
「That’s right, let’s take down the Feudal Lord using this opportunity. You don’t want to be hunted the whole time after this, right?」
「Well, that’s right, but…… it’s troublesome」
「It’s fine, it will surely calm down after we settle this」
「That would be nice」

I have a bad foreboding and thus can’t approve.
I would be grateful if this premonition was just my imagination.

After that, Rita cast an illusionary spell on the three and put them into a comatose state.
They are set to wake up once they hear Tolkin’s voice.
Whether these fellows can be saved depends on luck.
They have to skillfully deceive the Feudal Lord.

I took the three over my shoulder and flew to the suburbs of Registeria.
After seeing the guard at the wall pointing his finger at me, I returned to the forest.


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