Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 15

Regretting Again


How did it become like this…

Sprawled with my upper body on top of the table, I was at wits’ end.
We kicked about four groups who suddenly attacked us, defeated the Feudal Lord who was the mastermind, Rita and Elena appeared at the front without permission, and we slayed the town’s soldiers.

When I raised my head and looked around, I saw Rita doing the noon tidying, Elena running outside, and Ashley grooming her wings.
Sylvia and Mireia were playing with dolls on the floor and Glenn went to a detached shed to work.

It’s good until here. Everything is as usual.

「Tea and sweets, here you go~」
「Ah, that is very polite of you, thank you」
「Thank you very much. I would like to bring the sweets back, could I have a bag please?」

A robust, old man who tried to make his body as small as possible and an old man with civil official appearances with who said something so shameless with a serious look.
These two brought extraordinary trouble with them.

「Come to think of it, Rita-sama」
「Just Rita is fine~」
「Ah, then Rita-san. This is a gratitude from the town’s children」
「Oh my, what a pretty flower… I will display it at once. Please convey my thanks to those children」
「Yes, of course! Ehehe, hehe」
「Arden, you are trying to display your best smile to Rita-san, but your nose hairs have completely ruined it」
「Seriously, even though I made sure to pull them all out!」
「Yes, I was lying. Aren’t you glad they didn’t show?」
「You, this skinny bastard!」

To be quarreling over a bunch of flowers, these guys are quite busy, aren’t they?
In order to get down the business, I sent a cold gaze towards the two town representatives.

「So, have you guys came here to show your unfunny comedy skit?」
「S! Sorry!」
「Also, this glasses fellow, weren’t you going to bring the sweets home?」
「I’m shorry, it’s more delishious than the shweets I usually eat. Gulp. Therefore, please give me more to take home」

The muscle daruma is ashamed and the glasses bastard is shameless, huh.
Seeing the talk not showing signs of ending, I already felt a headache.

「I will say it as many times it takes, but I won’t become something like a Feudal Lord. Do something about it yourselves」
「P, please, do something about it. There are no people besides you who can protect the people of Registeria!」
「Why do I have to do something like that, how bothersome. Do it yourselves」
「Indeed, causing troubles for Demon Lord without paying a tribute, just what are your intentions?」
「Tribute! That was rude of us! Concretely, what would be…」
「First of all, fingernails of all citizens, I won’t mind one piece each」
「Everyone, babies too?」
「Of course, if not, they won’t be able to receive the Great Demon Lord’s divine protection」
「Ughーー understood, we will take it as treating illness and do something about it」
「Also, the blood of living virgin girl would be needed. The blood of a young and the most beautiful…」

Yeah, Mireia-chan.
The adults are talking now, so please could you not interrupt?
Please go to play with Sylvia over there.
No, don’t say something like an eyeball of a sinful man.
No need, I don’t want such grotesque item.

「It will surely be troublesome for Demon Lord to act as a Feudal Lord」

The man with a cream around his mouth opened his mouth.

「However, if you don’t govern this Registeria and turn it into a better country, things will become as troublesome, if not even more troublesome than before」
「… What do you mean?」
「Tolkin, the man you punished is a renowned man back in the Capital. I don’t think the royal family will take his fall lightly」
「… Continue」

The man called Kreis spoke with importance.
This fellow’s art of conversation can’t be taken lightly, it feels that he already grasped the trick of it.

「Well then… that garbage of a cunning man Tolkin made his way in the world with a large sum of money, indeed a man with no unpreparedness. He was good to his allies, but he would turn on them over a night’s sleep. He was a man who troubled the hearts of the Dukes and Marquises with great military forces and court influence back in the Capital. He was a wicked man, but definitely not incompetent one」

I listened without butting in.
Kreis held the tea in his mouth and his cup made a clacking sound after a short pause.

「Such an experienced man has lost his wits and got killed overnight. Not murdered by an assassin, but fell in a decisive battle. The character who managed to do that calls himself the Demon Lord who resides near the fief. There is no Feudal Lord who could be at peace after hearing that」

Everything Kreis said sounded reasonable.
There is no room for me to object with reasoning or conjecture.

「It’s a matter of which hand will strike next. A military family could dispatch a person of honor to Registeria, bringing their forces to gain control of the town and to kill the Demon Lord. The other method would be dispatching extraordinary forces to gain a total control of the forest」
「In other words, if I or someone under me won’t build a strong footing and show our ability to deter attacks, there won’t be a peace? Is that what you are trying to say?」
「It’s as you say. If that kind of army were to march on us, I assume that wouldn’t be able to oppose its might」
「Well, as long as they won’t come with tens of thousands…」
「It’s very apart from the peaceful days you wish for. The royal family won’t simply let go」
「To sum it up, we will begin killing each other until the opponent withdraws, huh. Seriously troublesome…」
「Thewfoe, you should joyn the hansh with the peoplesh of the town」
「Oy, we will give you more to take home later, so leave eating of the pastry for later」

I had Rita prepare more pastry.
Kreis said ‘three are enough’ with a straight face.
This fellow is seriously shameless!
The big man next to you is dumbfounded with a pale face, you know?

「It is really as you said, troubles will come whether I rule over the town or not…」
「That’s one way to think about it. Live with the current small troubles and avoid the large troubles or avoid the small troubles and get dragged into the large troubles」
「Ahh, why did it become like this… even though I just wanted to live my life quietly…」
「Demon Lord, the world is connected. When you accomplish something, something different will always follow」

I have been cautioned.
By an old man with his mouth covered in cream.
I must think about governing the town and setting up the defenses for a while.
With the setting of the sun, I felt peaceful days with Sylvia getting further away.

The sigh I let after was a really, really deep pone.


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