Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 18

Forest Sage Ashley


I am Ashley, a demon also known as the Forest Sage.
Endowed not only with transcending beauty but also brimming with intelligence, the most supreme masterpiece of this generation is me, this Ashley.
I’m a noble demon using the「Ancient Secret Arts」which are rare in this world.
I have no family name nor affiliation? That’s only something the humans do, there’s no way I would have something like that, right?
Well, if I had to call myself as humans do, it would be Ashley First Wife Demon Lord’s One and Only or something, uhehe.

I usually manage this enormously abundant Fertile Forest.
Even though “manage” is just a single word, it’s truly difficult.
Checking the health of various trees, managing the stability of races, subjugating of the invading monsters and magic beasts, repelling humans who come to lay waste upon the forest, I’m dizzyingly busy.
I was doing everything all alone before, but I’m currently receiving Alf’s help.

Alf is unfair, you see.
He seems to have some kind of divine protection as the violent and obstinate magic beasts turn docile in front of him.
I mean, the last time, a Great Wolf was showing his stomach as if he was some kind of a pet dog.
If I was its opponent, it would swarm me with its pack in a bad mood, it would be the worst.
That’s why I’m having Alf help with his mysterious power.

But, Alf and I are still in the master-servant relationship, or is it companionship, or perhaps more than friends less than lovers??
Well, it’s such an ambiguous relationship, so there is no guarantee that he will help me forever.
That’s why I desire the position of the first wife.
I want to make Alf go crazy about my irresistible charm.

In addition, with a child, my position would be firm like a stone.
That’s because a child of a noble status bestowed with a divine protection would be born.
Don’t you that a child that would inherit the intelligence and secret arts I possess together with Alf’s divine protection and enormous magical power sounds wonderful?
Such child would surely be useful to me, the mother, and take charge of more than half of the work around the forest to make it easier for his/her Mommy.

Ahh, what a wonderful rose-colored slow life.

But, the crucial Alf won’t lend me a hand, you know~
I have assaulted him so many times I already forgot the count, but there are no results.
Although I studied various gestures and garments, not a single one was effective yet.
Really, how can he be so incompetent even though such a covetous beauty like me is approaching him.

But it’s fine, I know that he’s stealing glances at me after all.
I’m aware that he’s watching me after I make some unusual gestures eheheehe~
But, I would like to settle the match for the first wife soon.
I will make the other half-baked woman know that I’m the most loved.
That being the case, I will put more effort to it today than usual, you know?

First the hairstyle. I tied it to the side, so my nape is fully exposed.
Men seem to be creatures that like to look at the nape for some reason, how incomprehensible, don’t you think?
I changed into loose clothes.
It’s apparently more impactful when the cleavage can be seen.

The men apparently won’t be able to endure and will want to bury their faces in them, even though they are just lumps of fat.
This and that and this extremely short skirt!
I heard that when the underwear comes to sight while wearing this skirt, men will lose their reasoning and turn into wild beasts.
I don’t understand what’s so good about being able to see this piece of clothing, but it’s apparently quiveringly good.

I experimented on Glenn-kun a while ago and his face turned completely red.
He got incredibly bashful… Glenn-kun really is cute.

Now, the real thing.
This is just the right time as Elena and Rita won’t be getting in my way.
Alf is unusually having a tea all alone, guhehehe.
I sat opposite to him with very natural movements.
And slowly, very slowly showed off my legs.

How is it, how is it? You like this, don’t you? You are getting excited, don’t you? You felt the switch turn on in your head, didn’t you??

Ah, he looked the other way.
Just how incompetent you are to turn away when I already went this far?
Can’t be helped~ Shall I let you see more?
I stood in front of him and turned over my skirt.
You have nowhere to escape, quickly turn into a wild beast.

「You know, Ashley」
「Oh, did you get excited? Are you excited? You really are incompetent to make a girl go this far for you. But it’s fine, you are already a wild beast, aren’t you? You want to do me like a savage animal, right? This perverted superman! Ah, the bed is already prepared, so quickly sleep with me before the hindra-…… gofu!!」

Before I knew it, the day came to an end.
How weird, even though the sun has been shining just a little while ago.
When I inquired from Rita who was by my side, I have apparently fainted with my eyes turned white and mucus hanging from my nose. While leaning on the table.
It appears that I have fainted again from receiving a fist to my abdomen.

That was apparently not a face suitable for a woman… is what I was told, shiiit.

Ah, I have failed again!
Just when is he going to get totally addicted to me!
When I complained such, I heard Rita muttering.
For you… wouldn’t that be impossible?

Mukiii-! That’s not true, I will definitely make him get totally addicted to my charm!


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