Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 6

Regret Comes After the Battle


How did it become like this……

I fell face first on the dining table while greatly troubled.
I complied with the request of the waif Glenn and saved his little sister from the slave trader.
I planned to end it with「Everyone is saved, I’m glad~ then, be careful on your way home!」, but it didn’t happen.
That made my heart heavy.

I raise my head and look around.
Rita is cleaning up after breakfast, Elena is practicing swinging outside, Ashley is enjoying after meal tea time.
It’s good until here, everything is as usual.

Sylvia is looking at her treasures on the carpet together with Mireia and Glenn is staring at the thin air while sitting on the chair.
There’s an addition of these two siblings, but everything is still「As usual」.
That’s because I decided to adopt the two.

That would be something decided last night.
After rescuing Mireia, we went straight home without stopping by anywhere.
I did it to reassure Sylvia, but that’s when my beloved daughter dropped the bomb.

(Mireia-chan, nice to meet you! From today, Daddy will become Big bro Glenn’s and Mireia-chan’s daddy too!)

Sylvia said with sparkling eyes while holding the hands of the unfortunate girl.
Mireia couldn’t comprehend her words similarly to Glenn, so they stood in place without uttering any words.
And, Daddy himself was also completely unable to comprehend what she said.

Thinking that going that far is impossible, I decided to properly tell Sylvia.
I hardened my heart and took on the responsibility of a parent.

「Umm, you see, Sylvia. Wouldn’t that be a bit difficult? Daddy would like to stop here」
(Why? They don’t have a daddy, you know?)
「Hmm, but you know? To suddenly become a family……」
(Is it no good? You won’t become their daddy……?)

Tears gathered in my daughter’s eyes.
My heart felt even more painful, it’s as it got torn in eight pieces.

ーーOy someone, don’t stay silent and help me out!
Sensing the situation, the people around started talking.
In the opposite direction of my wishes.

「I dislike humans, but children are good because they are obedient」
「They might get involved in some incident again and those guys might even come for a revenge. We should protect them」
「Hmmーー that being the case, I will have to prepare a room similar to Sylvia-chan’s and we don’t have clothes for them. We have to buy some next time in town」

The women neatly commented as if they prepared beforehand.
You are going to disregard your master? I see.

While targeted my by reproachful eyes, everyone welcomed the two as our new family.

Then, returning to the beginning.
As expected, I’m depressed.
What I’m worried about is not the increased cost of food.
But because troubles will increase without a doubt.
This is a serious problem and a matter of life or death for me who wants to spend his time lazing around.

When I first started living here, it was only Sylvia and I.
At that time, I worked and hunted only when necessary and watched over my daughter’s growth in my free time. I spent my time freely.
Those days were so leisure they can’t be compared to present.
But, they didn’t continue for long.

「I’m not bored when I’m with you. Would you please let me stay by your side?」That’s how the fox girl Rita who was brimming with curiosity came to stay with us.
By the way, the reason I’m called Demon Lord is because of this fellow.

「I want to get stronger by your side」The former knight and human, Elena, joined us.
I get dragged into her practice almost every day.

「Please help me with the management of the forest!」said the self-proclaimed「Forest Sage」demon Ashley.
As a result, she brought various troubles the forest has with her.

Like this, my duty increased whenever someone joined us.
Of course, they each have a job such as housework and patrolling, so they also help out.
However, as a result, my leisure time has been sacrificed.

ーーLet’s live without being troubled by freedom, selfishness, and troubles.

Even though I have decided so in my heart, to think my ideal reality would run away at full speed.

「Really, why did it become like this……」

Without reaching anyone’s ears, my mutter drifted into the room’s air and disappeared.
After sighing who knows how many times, I decided to stop thinking about it.
I should worry about future incidents at that time.
The short journey of my heart came to an end.

Then, when I casually shifted my gaze, Sylvia was still in the midst of showing off her treasures to Mireia who was facing her.
Smooth flat stones, scraps of silk, pressed flowers and some animal’s bone.
As if auctioning them, she carefully introduced them one by one.

But, the problem is that her words didn’t go through.
That’s why she mixed her words with gestures, trying to communicate somehow.
Such pure eagerness also has a charm.

(This you see, Daddy bought this the other day from a store! It’s pretty, right~?)

Saying such, she handed Mireia a red, glass sphere.
Sylvia who usually doesn’t pester me for anything wouldn’t move away from the storefront, so I ended up buying that for her.

Mireia received the glass sphere with both of her hands.
While viewing it for a while, she changed the angle of her point of view a few times in careful consideration.
And these were the words that came out of her.

「This is…… is this a dragon’s eyeball by any chance?」

I got choked by the unreasonable answer.

Rather, how did you come up with that!
You might not have seen glasswork before since you are a former waif, but that guess was a way too far off, ya know?
In the first place, you have surely never seen a dragon before.

(That store you see, it had maaaany pretty balls like this one)

Sylvia said while gesturing a lot with both of her hands.
Mireia returned several nods to those movements.
Almost as if she was saying『I understand what you want to say』.

「He defeated many dragons that swarmed the skies? As expected of Demon Lord!」
(The store’s uncle was also kind, he said wait a moment please~ while smiling)
「Is that so? In face of such great numbers, he defeated them while laughing?」
(If I behave like a good child, I will get five coins as pocket money. I will buy a different ball with that)
「I see, I see, this ball has the power to bury 5000 ignorant people!」

Yes, no more, this Demon Lord reached his limits.
Not being able to bear it anymore, I called out to Mireia.

「Hey, Mireia」
「Y, yes! What orders do you have!」
「Your conversation, it didn’t connect even in the slightest」

Mireia’s body bent backward as if she received an attack and her face turned bright red.
She muttered「I have failed……」while hanging her head down in shame.

Sylvia promptly tried to cover for the broken-hearted girl.
She gently patted her head while repeating『Good girl, good girl』.
The two show closeness that wouldn’t make you believe they have just met, but they couldn’t hold a single conversation yet.
This is not a good situation.
I should prepare a magic tool that would allow Sylvia to converse with humans.

Thus, my work increased again.


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