Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 8

Shopping Day


(Doggy~ Mister Bear~ going. Going)

Today is the shopping day.
I’m walking through the forest while holding Sylvia’s hand.
Rita, Glenn, and Mireia are also several steps behind us.

(They went and went~ went and went~ Doggy too~ Mister Bear too)

Sylvia is singing an improvised song in a good mood.
To create such beautiful melody for a story with unreadable development in no time… this child must be a genius, no, she’s a genius!

「Rita, immediately contact the Magic Conservatory 」
「Yes, yes, please leave it at that. The sun will going down」

She said with an exhausted tone that was the exact opposite of mine.
She doesn’t understand the beauty of this overflowing brilliance.

When Sylvia becomes a Diva in the future, I will publish a book about this moment.
I’m looking forward that day.

Then, when Sylvia’s song reached the climax,

(Grandpa too~ toppled overververver♪)

she finished.

In my heart, I was already at the stage of endless standing ovation!
Several hundred tears wash down my cheeks.
I cheered until my throat withered.
It was like a grand chorus descending from the heavens!
I have been born to hear this song, I have just become aware of the reason for my being!


The chorus of my soul dispersed with Sylvia’s gaze.
Rather than my heart, every single move of my daughter is more important.
It’s only given.
When I matched my gaze with Sylvia, Mireia reservedly asked.

「I could hear the song too, but was it perhaps a chant for a high-grade magic?」

Yeah, completely wrong.
This fellow acts normally today as well.

「Sylvia-chan, please teach me that magic. It’s magic you know, magic」

The two converse via gestures as always.
After conversing for a little while, Sylvia grasped Mireia’s hand and smiled.

(Mireia-chan also likes singing? Let’s sing together then!)

Saying such, she started singing.
I could only let out a wry smile at their usual conversation.

(Doggy and~ Mister Bear~)
「Kneel~ foolish people~」

This is already too late in various ways.
The two girls happily sang while holding hands, but the lyrics were strangely dangerous.
From afar, it must seem like a very heartwarming scene.
As long as you are deaf.

Mireia’s older brother Glenn stays in the back.
I called out to the brave boy quietly.

「Oy, Glenn. Your cute little sister is going on a journey far away. Quickly call her back」
「Alf-san, Mireia already might not be coming back」

He returned words of refusal with a strangely deep sigh.
If he’s like that, then I can’t say anything anymore.
I don’t care what happens anymore.

Well, it will become better once I purchase a magic tool for conversations.
It will, surely, right?
I kept on walking while praying for my desire.

In the meanwhile, we arrived in the town.
We arrived at the landmark known as Fountain Square, and I asked everyone for their opinion.

「Tell me if you have something you’d like to buy」
「We will be out of salt and honey soon」
「Got it, let’s go to the general store」
「I would like a knife for work」
「Ah~ that’s the general store too. Let’s look for a weapon shop or metal store if it’s not there」
(Daddy, let’s go to the glass store too, okay!)
「Of course, Sylvia! We will definitely go there, so don’t worry about it, okay?」
「Demon Lord, I would like a liver taken from a living criminal, cerebrospinal fluids and……」
「Yes, rejected」

That can’t be~ Mireia made such face.
They don’t sell livers taken from living criminals in town.
You have startled the nearby peddler uncle, didn’t you?
I ended the conversation and went towards the shopping district.

The shopping finished before the sunset.
Glenn and Mireia have only a few personal belongings, so clothes and beddings made most of our baggage.
Aside from the necessary, we also bought luxury goods and sweets, so everyone was chuckling to themselves.
…… Except me, that is.

The reason for my delicately depressed mood is this.
The deciphering magic tool I bought for Sylvia.
It’s in the shape of a necklace, its durability boosted with magic. A first-class article.
It won’t fall off of her, won’t damage her skin, and won’t get in her way.

However, it was considerably expensive.
No, it took quite a lot of courage to spend this much money.
My mood became heavier with the beyond expectations expenses, but I shouldn’t dwell over the weight of my wallet.
I had Sylvia put it on at once.

「Syliva, put this on for a little」
「Woow! So pretty! May I have it?」
「Of course. Do you like it?」
「Yeah! Thank you, Daddy!」
「Sylvia-chan! Words! I understand your words!?」
「Huh, really. You are talking!」

The magic tool functioned without a problem as Syliva finally succeeded talking with the children.
Especially, Silva and Mireia called each other names over and over again in joy.
The scene when they held each other’s hands and hopped up and down was very heartwarming.

ーーThey words are connecting. The misunderstandings will surely disappear.

Is what I thought, but.
The reality wasn’t that sweet.

「Sylvia-chan. Please teach me the magic you chanted on the way here」
「Magic? What is it about?」
「Muu, you won’t teach me so easily, huh? As I thought, I should have presented the cerebrospinal fluids……」
「Ce, cere? What’s that?」

Even if they words connected, their conversations didn’t change.
Such exactly the same event was unfolding before me.
I took a glance at Glenn at that moment.

He was staring into a distance at the clouds far away without saying anything.


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