Demon Lord Wants to Laze – Chapter 9

Tolkin Baron Registeria


When introducing yourself in this world, you state「Name・Position・Region Name or Affiliated Country」.
The man who governs the Fertile Forest within the Registeria region is called Tolkin Baron Registeria.

The influential municipal and base town of this region is Town Registeria.
Legally speaking, this vast territory should have been governed after dividing into smaller parts, but the matter has been hazy since it’s far from the capital.
It’s said that this scheming fraud has been settled by a generous sum of money.

Although only of the Baron status, his social status is comparable to Marquis and Margrave because of his vast lands.
The fief has a solid system to make easy money and powerful backing from the capital.

ーーNo opposition, that’s what it is.

With the cash rolling in, Tolkin quickly grew impudent.
He is connected to many criminal organizations starting with the Willad Company, indirectly pillages the population of the fief, and entirely erases nuisances with his enormous riches.
He turned to the capital with bribery and war funds.

For the fall of the Fertile Forest.

Feudal Lords before Tolkin have spread their hands towards the Fertile Forest as well.
However, they were obstructed by the Demon Ashley every time.
Alfred has been obstructing recently too, so the damages increased.

ーーI can’t still win yet. I need more power.

He recognized the strength of his enemies and worked hard at pillaging regardless of appearances.
With that in mind, he was sure to obtain the power to overwhelm others soon.
Cutting-edge magic tools and skilled magicians, he obtained excessive war potential for a local war.

But, his plan was quickly destroyed.

Of all things, his most direct source of funds has been obstructed.
His protegé organization has been annihilated.

This had an immeasurable influence as the other uninvolved people got frightened and escaped from the fief.
The flustered one was Tolkin.
It was obvious that he will soon get dried up with the current situation of his income sealed.
Therefore, he came back to this town again, intending to slay the ringleader.
We can’t make money in this town anymore, he mustn’t let the organizations think that.

Desiring information by any means, he moved to action.
He paid no little money for the information about the group living in the forest.
A day or two later.
The investigation was finished and he had the Administration Assistant Kreis report.

「Excuse me. I came to deliver the report of the investigation you requested the other day」
「That was quite fast. Let’s hear it right away」

Kreis obeyed with respectful words.
No matter how many reports he heard before, Tolkin’s words were a bit tense.

「On the first day, the master of the place was amusing himself by playing together with a Beastman girl」
「…… Haa?」

The silence floated for a while as if the time stopped.
War potential, weapons, opponent’s personality and habits, whether they receive support from other countries, he was expecting a meaningful information.
Hearing contents beyond his expectations, Tolkin couldn’t find any words to say.

「To explain the way of playing, the master would make a horn with his index finger like this-」
「I don’t need an explanation!」
「It written in the report, so-」
「As if I needed an information like that! Skip it!」
「That’s all for the first day」
「It’s over!?」

Kreis rarely makes a mistake.
Still, because of him going at his own pace, Tolkin couldn’t help but be irritated.
In spite of facing his boss’ angered face, Kreis continued the report in a flat voice.

「Well then, the second day. They have observed the house in the morning, but nobody came out. When they lowered their presences to their utmost limits and peeked inside, they saw the master of the house and three women. They were confirming their appearances in a gloomy room」
「Wha…… what. Was it some black magic?」

Tolkin swallowed his saliva nervously.
A cold sweat ran along his spine and forehead.
That’s because the opponent is an unidentified strong man.
It wouldn’t be strange if they were using some mysteries, beyond human understanding power.

「The three women were pressing the master about whose breasts he prefers. They grew impatient because the master wasn’t answering, so they vigorously started taking their clothes off one by one. After preventing them from going further, the master escaped to his room」
「I told you that I don’t need information like that!」
「My, my, didn’t you gulp just a moment ago? Weren’t you thinking about something erotic~ Chuckles~
「I will beat you to death!」
「By the way, it was even more incredible at night, you know? Want to hear about that?」
「Speak about the war potential!」

After that, Kreis reported one thing after another, but there wasn’t a single useful information.
Fifty gold coins for only this.
He was very angry at the information store he paid the money.
This spearhead of anger got pointed at Kreis who was making a joke of the report as well.

「Kreis. Today is your end. Get on the streets and drop dead!」

He threw the ink bottle on his table.
He told Kreis his dismissal and unsightly lost his composure.

…… But Kreis didn’t mind.

He replied with his usual flat voice.

「Is that so? It was a short while, but I was in your care」

And he quietly withdrew.
Moreover, while skipping.
『I was given a leave, yahoo~』his voice continuously resounded.
Tolkin held his head as if he got a headache.

ーーIf it’s like this, I can only use my trump card.

He established a decision from the information he got.
The commanded the slave who was waiting nearby.

「Notify the Fangs of the Mad Dog. Subjugate the Fertile Forest」

A group of murderers who can’t be controlled, Fangs of the Mad Dog.
They are titled as mercenaries, but their sinister nature and personal history don’t fit that category by no means.
There’s a risk in laying waste to the Fertile Forest, but he has no options to choose from anymore.

ーーI will massacre them using my strongest card.

Tolkin’s eyes dyed with madness as he blankly stared in the empty room.


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