Doll Dungeon – Chapter 3


In terms of the results, the Golems did a good job.
The Golems beat the wolves with a single blow, and any attacks the wolves made were ineffective.
As expected of my vanguards.

By the way, I took a peek at the newbie’s status.

Name: Alto
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Title: 《Novice adventurer》《Apprentice swordsman》
Skills: 《Sword : Beginner》《Collecting : Beginner》
Ability values
HP: 90/130
MP: 100/100
Strength: 15(+5)
Endurance: 12
Intelligence: 14
Magic: 10
Spirit: 12
Dexterity: 15
Agility: 14
Luck: 10

A little stronger than the Puppets.
It seems that the Puppets have a power similar to an ordinary human.

Putting that aside, how do I earn DP anyway?
I have 130DP left.
10DP for an animal?
It seems a lot of time is needed to accumulate a large amount of DP.

I decided to get the much-desired furniture.
Of course, it’s not pre-made.
I get a wood set for 20DP and a carpenter set for 15DP.

「Next is a Puppet」

When I went to create a Puppet, I found a new monster in the Monster summoning screen.
It looks useful, so I decide to summon it instead of the Puppets.

『60DP will be consumed to create 2 Dolls. Do you approve?』


『Please select up to two skills for the Dolls to learn』

That’s the reason it looked useful.
The Puppets and Golems could only learn a single skill, but the Doll can learn up to two skills for free.

I decide on Woodworking and Farming.
Then, similar to the Puppets, two human-like Dolls were summoned.
First of all, let’s confirm their status.

Name: ---
Gender: ---
Race: Doll
Title: 《Abiotic》
Skills: 《Woodworking : Beginner》《Farming : Beginner》《Grappling : Beginner》
Ability values
HP: 110/110
MP: 100/100
Strength: 10
Endurance: 10
Intelligence: 10
Magic: 10
Spirit: 10
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 10
Luck: 10

They have the same status as a Puppet, aside from the extra 10HP.

「Use this to make some furniture. Puppets, arrange the created furniture in a suitable room」

While these guys are devoted to making furniture, I will focus on exploring this mansion.
I look around the rooms I still haven’t memorized.

A bathroom without a bath and a dining room without a table. However, everything is beginning to look a lot like it should with the new furniture.
The Dolls and Puppets are working hard.

When the Dolls returned, because they had finished their work, I create two mattocks for 10DP, a set of vegetable seeds for 10DP, and then I pass the supplies to the two dolls.

「With this, make a field anywhere you like」

I need something to eat. My stomach feels empty.

『The adventurer was repelled. A first-time bonus of 200DP was rewarded』

While eating the Hiyamugi I had been forced to buy with DP, a message appeared.
You were still here?

I slurp the noodles and look at the points.
I have 320DP.
Let’s remodel.

I create a river nearby for 20DP, and I use 50DP to create a hot spring as a source of hot water for the bathroom. Afterwards, I told the Puppets to start pulling the water for the bath at the right temperature.
Next, I go to the kitchen and spend 30DP on a refrigerator, and I created a Kitchen set for 20DP.
Finally, I gave the golems the 《Learning》 and 《Natural Healing》 skills for 200DP, so now I’m out of DP.
However, I can finally relax in the bath.

『An intruder has appeared in the dungeon』

Apparently, I can’t relax yet.
I check the screen to confirm the intruders.


There were about 30 men wearing ragged clothes.
All of them were equipped with a sword or an axe, but there were no magicians, so they are no match for the golems.
Actually, when the golems appeared, the noisy men tried to escape.

『An intruder has appeared in the dungeon』

Nn? Reinforcements?

Apparently not.
It’s a party of five that’s equipped with superior armor.
They’re probably a party of experienced adventurers.

Name: Cain
Gender: Male
Level: 130
Race: Human
Title: 《Top adventurer》《Senior Swordsman》《Two-swords style》
Skills: 《Swordplay: Advanced》《Nimbleness: Intermediate》《Camping: Intermediate》《Brawling: Advanced》《Dual wield: Advanced》
Ability values
HP: 1800/1800
MP: 600/600
Strength: 250(+150)
Endurance: 190(+120)
Intelligence: 130
Magic: 150
Spirit: 200(+50)
Dexterity: 230(+50)
Agility: 250(+130)
Luck: 20

I honestly regret looking at his status.
The difference in power is way too much.
The bandits who had run away from the golem encountered the adventurer party.
They are talking about something.

「Can I not hear what they are talking about?」

『I’m telling you that we were attacked by a golem in this dungeon』

『So what? Let me capture you quietly!』

… I could hear them.


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