Doll Dungeon – Chapter 5


Name: ---
Gender: Male
Race: Novice Dungeon Master
Title:《Calm and Composed》《Dungeon Master》NEW《Abiotic User》NEW《Puppeteer》
Skills:《Dungeon Administration》
Ability values
HP: 500/500(+10)
MP: 200/200(+10)
Strength: 20(+15)
Endurance: 24(+20)
Intelligence: 14(+10)
Magic: 18(+10)
Spirit: 15(+15)
Dexterity: 13(+15)
Agility: 12(+10)
Luck: 10(+10)

Whose status is this?
What happened? The Endurance is 44. Isn’t that more than Golem’s?
Also, I understand the Abiotic User, but why puppeteer?
Let’s look at the description.

『Puppeteer: Title given to those who use abiotic humanoid monsters. 5 bonus points added to Spirit and Dexterity. 2 bonus points to all stats of all abiotic humanoid summons』

I see, certainly all my monsters are of the abiotic humanoid type.
Then, the Abiotic User?

『Abiotic User: Title given to those whose summons are only of abiotic nature. 10 bonus points added to Endurance, 5 bonus points added to Strength. 3 bonus points to all Abiotic summons』

So that’s why the Automata had +5 bonus to all stats.
It’s better to avoid losing this bonus.
Then, this guy is next.

Name: ---
Gender: ---
Race: Automan
Skills:《Serving: Beginner》《Stealth: Beginner》《Grappling: Beginner》《Natural Healing: Beginner》《Learning: Beginner》
Ability values
HP: 200/200(+5)
MP: 120/120(+5)
Strength: 25(+5)
Endurance: 30(+5)
Intelligence: 15(+5)
Magic: 12(+5)
Spirit: 10(+5)
Dexterity: 20(+5)
Agility: 20(+5)
Luck: 10(+5)

I summon 10 Automen.
Automan is a male version of Automata.
They are naked after all…
The skills I chose were Serving and Stealth.

「You guys wear this」

A create a Tailcoats and hand them.


The Automen receive their tailcoats one by one.
I wait until everyone finished dressing, than I speak.

「Looks like everyone is done」

「Yes, everyone is dressed」

The nearest Automan responds, the one next to him nods.

「Then I will now name you. From now on you are known as Zwei.」

「I will gladly receive it」

I wanted to give him some cooler clothes too.
Well, whatever.
More importantly.

「Eins, Zwei. I will grant you new skills 」

「「I am very grateful」」

Eins receives Space Magic(Beginner) and Dagger Technique(Beginner). I grant Zwei Assassination(Beginner) and Acrobatics(Beginner)
These are the skills that may become strong after proper training, all for 200DP.

「Train in your spare time」

「「I understand」」

Now, I have little DP left.
I think I splurged too much and must reconsider my purchase.
After that, refrigerator and tableware disappeared.
I waste too much DP.
The days continued peacefully for several weeks.
Although no human has entered, wild animals sometimes stray inside and are cleaned up by Golems.
Everyone keeps training in their spare time, just as instructed.
Later, I took interest in sumo wrestling against the Golems.
The Doll’s vegetable fields started to bud.

… To be honest, I have too much free time.
The level didn’t rise so I can’t summon new monsters and I also don’t have enough DP.
My only training opponent is Golem.
Should I get a new skill?

After the thought I opened my status, I have gained Grappling and Throwing skills.
Training has borne fruit.

『An intruder has appeared in the dungeon』

It will be an animal like always, let’s check just in case.
When I look, images of human beings are projected.

「No way, these guys again…」

It’s Cain and his party that came in last time.

「Perhaps it’s my anniversary of death today」

I unconsciously mumble.
I can’t let the Golems die in vain, so I issue an order.

「Golems, don’t attack the intruders this time. Also, Eins, Zwei」

In seconds the two appear in front of me.

「「What’s your orders, Master」」

「The intruders may come in here, but don’t attack them. We can’t handle them as we are now. Relay my orders to others」


No then, what should I do?
When I look at the projection, I think what should I do next, I feel slightly uncomfortable.

There’s one extra person?
The number of people has increased since they were here the last time, there’s one more woman.
I’m curious so I take a look at her status.


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