Frontiers – Chapter 5

『It's Easy to Remember, isn't it?』


「Umm, excuse me」
「Yes? Ah, welcome~」

While enjoying sewing, I was called out to so I answered with a pleasant smile.
But, thinking about it,『Bucket helm』is full face type, so it wasn’t seen. Well, at least perceive the mood, please.

「I would like to ask something…… the producer of this『Copper Bucket Helm』is you, right?」
「Yes, that’s right~ Do you need something?」

The one who called me was a youth in metal heavy armor with bright red hair and a long sword on his waist.
With somewhat charming facial features, he’s holding the『Copper Bucket Helm』I’m selling in his hands.
The items I’m selling are lined up on the cloth, so it’s easy to distinct what items are being sold at first glance.
There’s a detailed 3D image attached on the selling list, but to actually hold it in your hands, you have to buy it.
This is the same for the items on the cloth as well. However, if the owner gives permission, you can take it into your hands.
Because I don’t remember giving him permission, this youth is my first buyer!

Although you can confirm the performance and the condition in the window next to the item on the selling list or the sale establishment, you can’t confirm the producer’s name, and you also won’t know at first look.
But, if you sell the 3★ equipment cheaply at the stalls rather than at the stores at this time, the schema of the producer equals seller should most simple to utilize.

「Ah, no, I’m not here to complain. Rather, it’s the opposite. I understood that it was equipment, but this feels quite nice when put on, doesn’t it? Therefore, I was surprised」
「Ah~ that’s right. Although it has no influence on the performance, it feels fairly nice, doesn’t it?」
「Yes! Because there wasn’t anyone in the beta test who did details in such places…… umm, if…… if you would like」

I see, that’s why you called out to me.
As far as I’m concerned, a regular customer is what I desire, and those who turn their eyes beyond the performance side are most welcome.

「Friend registration, is it?」
「Ah, yes! Is it alright?」

It appears that I was correct in deducting from his dialogue that the youth wanted to register as friends.
Well, it was easy to deduct because there aren’t many things he could have wanted in this situation.
And of course, my answer is――

「Of course it’s alright~ As far as I’m concerned, being able to make a regular customer is making me really happy~ Ah, of course, I have no intention on pressuring you, so buy whenever yo u want, okay?」
「Yes! Thank you in advance!」
「It’s I who should say that~」

The friend registration notice comes up when shaking hands and[Accept][Reject]windows appear.
The friend registration is complete by touching the[Accept]. It’s truly simple.

There are three things you can do as friends, seeing the online status of each other,『Call』and『Mail』.

When confirming the online status of NPC, it says offline when they are sleeping. It goes without needing the explanation in the case of players.
『Call』is personal use calling function, and by default, others can’t hear the conversation of the『Call』. It’s a simple way to get in touch, but it can’t be used unless registered as friends and obviously doesn’t work when logged out.
『Mail』is as everyone knows, a letter function. However, images, videos, and items can be attached. It’s a very convenient function.
One of its advantages are that unlike『Call』, it can be used when the other party is offline. But, I’m little worried that trust is irrelevant while using『Mail』in a business relationship.
Besides, I would rather meet in person and make a trade.

「Yes, I’m Bucket-san~」
「T, that’s a unique name, isn’t it……」
「It’s easy to remember, isn’t it~」

Because you can see the name when registering as friends, the youth――Rush-san was immediately surprised by my name, but that’s only natural. I answer him while smiling and knocking on my『Bucket helm』. Of course, he can’t see it. It’s felt.

「Ahaha…… it’s certainly easy to remember. N, by the way, Bucket-san is『Smith』, right?」
「Of course I am~ Ah, are you perhaps selling materials?」
「Yes, I have『Copper ore』and such, how about it?」

Because he was selling materials as I have expected, I happily bought them at the market price.
I’m afraid to say that my remaining funds weren’t that much, so I could purchase only the amount equal to the sale of the『Copper Bucket Helm』, but it was still better than buying from the【Pioneer Association】so I’m happy.

Because【Pioneer Association】attracts pioneers at large numbers, they gather a lot of materials.
Even though there are people who take the trouble to sell their material to other players, many will sell it straight to the【Pioneer Association】.
Because it’s not like everything can be sold to the NPCs’ shops.
But,【Pioneer Association】ignores the inventory status to some extent and purchases it at large. Of course, it’s not like there are no demerits.
While ignoring the inventory to some extent, they will start purchasing the materials 20-30% cheaper.
It’s a talk whether you will go through the trouble or take the money.
Incidentally,【Pioneer Association】is selling the bought materials at 20-30% higher prices.
It’s a lot, but you can get many materials at any time, that’s the merit of the【Pioneer Association】.
I don’t have the means nor the intention to use it now, though.

「You have saved me. Then, I’m going to hunt again. If I obtain materials Bucket-san needs again, I will be sure to let you know」
「Ya~y, it’s I who should be thanking you~ Do your best at hunting, okay~」

After receiving the materials from Rush-san, he requested me to sell him more of 3★ equipment beside the helm type if I make them.
Of course, it was an inevitable discussion for me, so I immediately acknowledged.
But, even if Rush-san gets the priority to buy, it’s not as he will absolutely buy.
Because it’s natural that he would buy if he finds an inexpensive equipment elsewhere.

After Rush-san had left, I continued leisurely sewing again…… is what I would like to say, but before I could, the person beside my street stall started talking to me.

「Umm~ if possible…… would you mind selling me that cushion?」
「Ah, sure~」

Although it was not listed on the selling list, because I have completed one before, I sell it together with the cover.
There was certainly no reason not to sell it.

――But, it was serious after that.

Before I noticed, the area around my street stall was buried in people who also wanted『Zabuton cushion』.
But, unfortunately, the only completed『Zabuton cushion』has been sold to the person from before.
Therefore, I decided to begin a business where I would make one if you brought the material.
I wrote[Making Zabuton cushion (Plain cushion and cover). Necessary to bring materials]on a paper and stuck it on the remaining unsold『Copper Bucket Helm』in place of a signboard.

The people desiring one immediately asked what materials and how long it would take, so in the meanwhile, I started working right away on the『Plain cushion』. I can make the covers quickly.
Of course, I add the materials and their quantity which I forgot to write on the signboard.

Because I can’t make it if people bring fewer materials than necessary.
Unlike when sewing slowly and carefreely, I stressed on the speed while not forgetting to make a proper and careful work.




Finally, I sold a total of eight『Zabuton cushion』to the owners of the seven stalls near me.
There was one large person who couldn’t do with just one cushion, but because it was waiting for your turn sale, I could make the two at once.
Everyone was thankful that their seating comfort increased and after exchanging friend registrations, the busy time ended.

Because deleting friends is also simple, you can register friends at ease.
Deleting someone after registering may create an awkward relationship, but I don’t think I will be deleting anyone soon.
Well, that’s in my case, though.

After the production of『Zabuton cushion』settleddown, my pocket situation became warm, so I decided to purchase a few materials.
In fact, the price of『Zabuton cushion』is close to the price of one『Copper Bucket Helm』.
Because there was not a market price information, I set the price according to the materials used and labor cost, but it was still considerably cheap as people were buying.
Well, the 4★ might have influenced it a bit as well.

The sales of『Copper Bucket Helm』were not good even while even while slowly sewing『Zabuton cushion』and purchasing materials.
While spending time so leisurely, the『In game time』turned night all too soon.
In【Frontiers】it’s day time from 6 to 18 and night time from 18 to 6.
Depending on the time, different monsters make appearances on the field areas.
Although monsters vary depending on the location, the difficulty increases during the night.

It’s not irrelevant to me who’s in the town, though.
Because I’m currently managing a street stall!

There are quite many pioneers who avoid the night time because of the increased difficulty.
Thus, the pioneers who return will sell the materials they obtained during the day and prepare for the next hunt.
In other words, the busiest season!

My battle starts from now!
I will particularly plead, so people buy the unsold『Copper Bucket Helm』!


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